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Sitting around in a dark stupor of legislative reform I drifted off into a pleasant dream, a remembrance of a different time. An age ago, or so it now seems, I stumbled across a cigar of uncommon qualities.

**Yes. This is another trip in Perrin’s fuzzy-details time machine…**

Let’s say it was the week around Christmas, 2006 – that sounds about right. Give or take a year and the accuracy is impeccable. Hell, I was there; how am I suppose to recall anything everything?

Anyways, I was at the old beach compound. It was evening. That! I remember. Dark outside. Later too; the youngins were pretty much all tucked away in bed. The rest of the horde was scattered here and yon by television and wine rack. I procured a lantern and ventured onto the front porch.

Behind the screens my little flame danced and flickered in the constant salty breeze. A melody of shifting airs, none too cool, and crashing waves provided the ambiance for my experiment. Or, was it an experience? Huh…

In the near dark I perched in an old rocking chair. A sturdy ale by my side – we’ll say it was S. Smith’s Imperial – I pondered my evening smoke. Back then I was new to the sport and given to trying any and everything. My palate had yet to fully develop. This, I know, may skew my memories. What was fun or all I could handle back then might, now, be passe.

At any rate, THEN, my choice was interesting and excellent (so I thought at the time). Out of my small travel humidor, which I have since misplaced (with a great many other things – like old beach compounds…), I pulled a Gordo-ish, 6X60 beauty. She was dark and fragrant. It was a Bucanero Canon Cubano Maduro. A cannon of a canon.


Courtesy of Bucanero.

In those days I had little idea of what, exactly, went into a stick. However, based on my research, just now, I can authoritatively say the wrapper is or was a strong Nicaraguan Habano, the dual filler is from Nica and the D.R. The binder remains a mystery product! Bucanero claims it to be on the “Light side of Full Body” with “Complex flavors”. That seems about right. Honestly, I can’t recall the exact notes. I’ll settle for their stock description: “rich creamy flavor with complex cocoa, espresso and assorted subtle spices”.

That seems about right. Patrick A. from Stogie Guys said, in 2008:

Big, black, and bold, this five and ½ inch by 60 ring gauge Bucanero behemoth packs rich, textured flavors of dark chocolate and burning timber. The Nicaraguan, Honduran, Italian, and Costa Rican blend is full-bodied and well-balanced. With decent construction – including a fairly even burn for its large girth – I can recommend this at $7 a pop.

Right, again. I picked his short review because of the close temporal proximity to my memory. His $7 price seems about right too. The chocolate I could see. The timber would be surprising. If I can muster anything from the memory banks, it would be earthiness (from Nica) along with the cocoa and light spices. I find his addition of Honduras, Italy, and Costa Rica interesting as well. Perhaps the blend has changed?

Back to what I can directly recall – this was a damned fine smoke! Seems that it took me around a good two hours. I would have gone slower, then, in fear of being overpowered. And, as I recall, that nearly happened. By the time I finished I was dizzy. This was a combined effect of the ale and the “light side of full body”. However, it was a happy dizzy. It was balanced perfectly on the knife’s edge. Any more and I might have been ill. Any less and I might not be typing this. In short, it was a blissful experience.

It’s one I’d rather like to repeat. Of course, as I mentioned above, a re-creation might be impossible a decade later. Too much smoke under the bridge perhaps. Still, it would be interesting. And difficult.

All of the shops I now generally frequent have stopped carrying Bucaneros. Back then they usually had two facings in stock: my Canon and the more popular Full Sail. There are a few I can think to check without going overly out of my way and without resort to on-line ordering and the mercy of UPS. I’ll do a little pavement pounding in FLA and report back if I strike tobacco gold.

The conditions may not be replicable. However, I’ve tried to rebuild the legend in my mind tonight. And I hope you enjoyed the trip.