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Peaceful protest is part of the American political fabric. I saw some pro-Trump folks protesting Hillary near my home last weekend. Last night anti-Trump protesters gathered on 5th Avenue in New York. Sometimes people get a little carried away but overall it’s a positive action regardless of cause.

Last night several students gathered for a anti-Trump protest at the UGA Arch.


Henry Taylor / The Red & Black.

I applaud these young people for bravely making their voices heard while others around the country demanded a day off to cry. Wisdom, Justice, and Moderation, that. Fortitude too.

The anti-Trump demonstrators got ahold of a plastic Trump flag or sign and lit fire to it. The police were nearby and as the flame got smaller they put it out with a cup of water.

They put the protest down with a coffee cup full of water…

Whaaa? Come on, Athens! make us proud. No arrests. No property damage. A cup of water? What kind of weakness is this? Back when UGA used to win football games, fans made considerably more forceful statements at hotels and condos all while drunk and dead tired.


Disposable Paper Coffee Cups.

The students of the University of Georgia can do better than this. I hope. I haven’t had boots on campus in a while so things may have changed. I’ll say no more lest I hurt some feelings. Go Dawgs!