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I must admit, I am a minor league illuminati watcher. Usually my concern centers around powers seeking to influence the government. At other times I comment on the culture. Sometimes the two intersect.

There are some I consider Big Show illuminati watchers. And I respect them on average. Evil is real and it always seeks to corrupt. It’s important to monitor and guard against that. However, some get carried away. Sometimes they get it wrong. Or, maybe it is that i just don’t see what they do.

Here’s a contemporary example:

Lady Gaga nearly rocked the roof off the NRG Stadium during Super Bowl LI. Initially, I was concerned about PC intrusion into her halftime show. I worry a lot… But, I didn’t see it. Some did. I did not. Some tried to “body shame” her. I sure as heck didn’t see that. Now, Alex Jones and Co. claim the whole show was a Satanic ritual designed to mesmerize and indoctrinate the masses.

I just didn’t see that – and I looked for it. So much of pop culture revolves around the occult that it’s frequently impossible to miss. Still, I did not see it with Gaga. Now, just yesterday, I helped break Gaga-Gate with the esteemed assistance of Mohamed Sanu: Gaga colluded with Coach B. to bend time, giving the Pats a transquantum advantage – the only rational explanation of how the Falcons could have possibly lost.

Given Gaga-Gate and what Jones said, I was determined to go back and re watch the show for signs of the supernatural. I still did not see his concern. But, I did see something! This something is most unusual. It gives Gaga-Gate a twist no one (expect maybe Sanu) could have predicted. What I discovered is utterly insane. Let me outline this for you:

The Super Bowl was played between the New England Patriots (victors, naturally) and the Atlanta Falcons. The game was played at the NRG in Houston, Texas, home of the Houston Texans. Got that: New England, Atlanta, Houston. Now. Check this out:

The following pics are from the Gaga show, which you can watch HERE.


In this picture from the show’s opening one can plainly see Troy Aikman and Dak Prescott sitting in Sec. 103, row 16, seats 6 and 7 (circled in red). Both are laughing maniacally. What’s that all about?!


Next, as Gaga descends from the rooftop, she passes directly under a single star (yeah, right, Texas “flag”).


The whole field was covered with blue stars.


Those blue stars remind you of anything? And, here one last bit of conclusive proof:



That male dancer who carried the lovely Gaga, Frankenstein-style (in front of another giant blue star, by the way)? That was Roger Staubach’s grandson!

I think you get the picture now. The entire 14-minute show (40-min by Sanu’s reckoning) was a huge Dallas Cowboys propaganda hit piece!

The most insidious thing in the annals of the NFL and television. I’m speechless…