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An idiot in France, an “artist”, sealed himself inside a 12-ton boulder.

Paris (AFP) – An artist entombed inside a 12-tonne rock for nearly three days has described the experience as like “tripping”, insisting he would stick it out for a week.

Speaking to AFP through a crack in the limestone boulder late Friday, Abraham Poincheval said he had been buoyed by how his performance has “got into people’s heads”.

The artist made headlines worldwide when the two halves of the rock closed around him on Wednesday at a Paris art museum.

Poincheval, 44, had carved out a hole inside the rock in his own image, just big enough for him to sit up in, with a niche to hold supplies of water, soup and dried meat.

It’s not like tripping. It’s tripping – on the drug of post-modern, post-Western, nihilistic stupidity. This isn’t art. This is a display of severe mental illness. His country is being destroyed by waves of third world invasion and socialism, so he seals himself inside a rock. He pees in a bottle in there.



If this really has “got into people’s heads”, if this is what has become of France, then all is lost. Let the “migrants” and the communists burn it all down.