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Writing for a living means computer use, like it or not. (I really do not..).

Today we upgraded the server service at FP.com – faster and more reliable! Just as soon as the bugs are worked out… One doesn’t find the bugs until after the fact. Aggravating to say the least. The site has plowed through the rankings – doubling traffic in less than six months. There’s that.

Maybe it’s just me but the old internet seems to be running painfully slow lately. Al Gore needs to upgrade his invention.

Then there’s my little laptop. She’s closing in on a year old and maybe starting to show her age. Some of the keys stick and the mouse control ain’t what it was. Could be cigar smoke residue or pollen (early spring). Hmm.

Finally there’s the fact that the machines are getting smarter by the day, approaching the point of consciousness. Fun for all, that will be.

I’m trying to think of some solutions. Here’s what I’ve got so far: