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I wrote an op-ed this afternoon for Freedom Prepper:

The America Of President Donald J. Trump.


Ktla / Freedom Prepper.

Much the same as this morning’s article minus the maps. If you’re into prepping, please link around there. Good stuff.

I was going to draft up something tonight about what this election meant. This was to be separate from my future thoughts, suggestions, and predictions – those shall come later. Rather I was going to comment to those looking to “leave America” now that Trump is No. 45. I did mention something to that effect at FP. Otherwise I decided against it all.

Social media is buzzing. Some are ecstatic. Some are dejected. Some are indifferent. It is what it is. I would, however, like to make a suggestion for those serious about looking for an alternative country. And, no, I don’t mean terrorists and criminals, frightened at the prospect of being hunted down. Truly, to hell with them. My message is for my left-leaning friends of good and decent character (more than a few).

For those of you concerned that injustice may come from decision, I say: it might. Or it might not. Or things may continue much as they have been. The point is that nobody is out to get you. And intelligent folks still welcome your justified concerns and causes. Different opinions make for a more interesting society anyway.

And, may I suggest a country for you – America. Stay. I have this hope now that Trump actually might try to make some positive difference. Stay and be a part. Help. If it all falls apart or if things keep heading where they’ve been going, then we can work independently to right the ship. Republic, democracy, empire, loosely associated band of crazies – the people will endure. Prosper too, God willing.

With that, I do believe I am done with the GQBM of 2016. Praise be to God, it is over!

Now, I really do have a fitness book to wrap up. Craig, I’m happy to do lunch asap and give my input; I need advice or a forward for the book too.

Goodnight, America.