Happy Veterans Day, America. From the archives:


In honor of Veterans Day I write in memory of my father’s father’s grandfather, Alexander Lovett. This ordinary yet exceptional American fought and suffered nobly for his country and his family.

Genealogy is not a hobby of mine. As a result, I am woefully short on specific information for this story. My apologies. I presume this will not dampen the experience here.

Veterans Day began in 1919 to commemorate the ending of America’s inexplicable involvement in the first chapter of Europe’s great civil war, World War I, on November 11, 1918. Originally, the day was Armistice Day. In 1954 it became Veterans Day.

I claim numerous relatives who fought in just about every American war. My father’s father, for example, was a Marine during WWI. He survived the Battle of Belleau Wood. I would not expect younger readers or those formerly interred in government schools to know of  this battle. Few, too…

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