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Those murderous, blood-thirsty, psychotic bumpkins. That’s how the left sees you if you happen to own a gun. Well, you have to own a gun and NOT use it to commit crimes or terrorist attacks to earn the ire of the anti-freedom zealots. Criminals and terrorists get a pass. You don’t. I don’t. Now, Donald Trump is on our list.

At a campaign event in North Carolina the Donald was talking about Hillary Clinton’s potential to throw the Supreme Court into a leftist, gun-controlling frenzy if she gets elected. Off the cuff, he said: “By the way if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. Although the Second Amendment people, maybe there is, I don’t know.”

So, what did Trump mean with that remark? People with sense understand what he was saying. If Hillary gets elected and tries to appoint anti-freedom judges, the NRA, the SAF, and GOA could put pressure on the Senate to not confirm her appointments. Remember the powerful gun lobby the leftist always cry about? That.

Of course, the lunatics saw it differently or, at least, claim so. The likes of Elizabeth Warren and the Brady Center for Communism said Trump was calling for murder. Mike Pence immediately clarified what was meant although any such logic is lost in the howling wind of liberal craziness and hate.

Trump says he’s pro-Second Amendment but he hasn’t said it loud enough or demonstrated anything beyond saying to convince me. Reagan was pro-2A and he handed us the GCA modifications of 1986.

A reporter once asked Trump if he owned a gun. He answered that he had a concealed carry permit. He never said if he owned a gun to go along with the permit. He said it was none of the reporter’s business whether he did. That is true but I found it a little wishy-washy. I was reminded of a GOP presidential debate a few years ago. There and then an audience member asked the field if any of them owned a firearm which required a tax stamp. The answer was uniformly “no” and it seemed to go over all their heads.

A better answer from Trump might have been: “Yes. I own many guns. Would you like to see the one I’m carrying right now?” Of course, that wouldn’t be polite or politically correct enough. Imagine how the crazies would have responded to that. Their comments about a judicial appointment discussion were ridiculous enough.

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Ultimately, it is all about the Second Amendment. The 2A was placed in the Constitution to ensure that there could always be armed resistance to tyranny – like when someone tries to do away with the Second Amendment. Cry about that.



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