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One might, just might, want the other.

Another seemingly narrative conforming mass shooting. Along with some other hallmarks of a false flag or crime of convenience, it’s interesting that the usual suspects immediately rolled out the gun control calls. Hillary and Tom Brokaw resumed the mantra at once, as if pre-planned.

There was another, perhaps less noticeable, but perhaps much more dangerous voice – Donald Trump’s. It was a little hard to hear over the noise.

According to the Washington Times, Trump praised the police response to the attack, saying on Tuesday the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police did an “incredible job.” He added, “How quickly the police department was able to get in was really very much of a miracle. They’ve done an amazing job.”

But after praising the police, Trump made clear a discussion on gun laws is coming:

During an October 2 press briefing, White House press secretary Sarah Sanders expressed the same sentiment. While dismissing calls to discuss gun control during the briefing, Sanders suggested there will be a time to look at gun policies. The Washington Post quoted her describing Monday as a “day of mourning.” She said, “There will certainly be a time for that policy discussion to take place, but that’s not the place that we’re in at this moment.”

Axios reports that Breitbart News’ executive chairman Steve Bannon observed that Trump’s voting base would react worse to gun control than to an amnesty bill. Bannon said that Trump’s support for gun control would “be the end of everything.”

A discussion. What on Earth would he mean by that? It may not be what you think or care to think.

I really like Trump and I want his (stated) mission to succeed – Make America Great Again, America First. However, a few issues aside, there seems to be a disconnect between what Candidate Trump said and what President Trump does:

Lock her up? We don’t need that.

Build a wall? DACA amnesty.

Repeal Obamacare? When???

Tax Reform? When???

Humble foreign policy? War, war, and more war.

Debt reduction and budgets? Not this term.

The Fed under the microscope? Telescope maybe.



Then there is that gun control question. Where does Trump really stand? And what is he willing to stand for?

I hinted around about this 18 months ago:

Trump says he’s pro-Second Amendment but he hasn’t said it loud enough or demonstrated anything beyond saying to convince me. Reagan was pro-2A and he handed us the GCA modifications of 1986.

A reporter once asked Trump if he owned a gun. He answered that he had a concealed carry permit. He never said if he owned a gun to go along with the permit. He said it was none of the reporter’s business whether he did. That is true but I found it a little wishy-washy. I was reminded of a GOP presidential debate a few years ago. There and then an audience member asked the field if any of them owned a firearm which required a tax stamp. The answer was uniformly “no” and it seemed to go over all their heads.

Do we want a wishy-washy politician with a developing track record of flip-floppery having this “discussion?”

We’re about to find out. I may be completely wrong, but…

Guard the guns anyway.