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Sayeth the Drudge headlines this morning:


Matt Drudge, August 10, 2016

Julian Assange strongly suggested that Seth Rich, the DNC staffer mysteriously murdered on his way to see the FBI, was a Wikileaks operative. Thus, Wikileaks, and not Russia or anyone else, was behind the covert investigation into the Clinton crime syndicate.

Where did you read that first? A full week ago I said, “By the way: it wasn’t the Russians.”


I am sometimes (not always) ahead of the game. I know many dark things and others aren’t so hard to guess.

In this matter, Wikileaks did what the FBI refused to do. If Rich had made it to his meeting, if is likely nothing would have come out of it. Still, Americans who value freedom owe Assange and Co. a little gratitude.

I am surprised by one thing: Rich’s murder was ruled a murder. Given who is involved one would have thought it a “suicide”.