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This is rich. The Department of Justice [SIC] has issued directives or warnings to the City of Baltimore over the city’s police policies. Baltimore officials are falling in line as fast as they can.

Baltimore’s top law enforcement and political leaders on Wednesday vowed a sweeping overhaul of the city Police Department after a searing rebuke of the agency’s practices, which the Justice Department said regularly discriminated against black residents in poor communities.

This is the same Justice [SIC] Department that refused to formally investigate the Clinton Foundation despite urging from the FBI. The same Department that appears to be doing nothing about the murder of a possible informant in the DNC email hacking scandal. The same DOJ that found that Hillary Clinton had technically violated a criminal statute by carelessly handling classified information but then declined to prosecute her … just because…

I’m sure there is rank corruption in Baltimore. That’s true for most cities and governments. But, a lecture from the DOJ on the same is ridiculous hypocrisy. Pot, kettle. Then again, maybe the story has been misconstrued; maybe the DOJ is giving Baltimore tips, not corrections.

Photo of Loretta E. Lynch at Swearing in Ceremony with Vice President

Justice or “Just us”? justice.gov.

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