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“It’s hip to be square.” So said Huey Lewis and the News back in a time that now seems like a Pleistocene fairytale. Sometimes a square cigar is hip to a square who isn’t. Or isn’t always. Or something. I smoked a square cigar! Actually, it was rectangular (for the Euclidean purists). And I liked it.

Now comes the tale of the Foyle l’Anniversario Maduro, mine being a toro (5 ½ x 55). This sleek beauty is produced by Foyle. Just remember to confirm you’re 21…


My straight box toro was extremely well constructed. The dark Connecticut, broadleaf wrapper (aged and fermented for three months!) was attractive with a deep coffee-esque, oily appearance.


The enjoyment process itself was smooth from start to finish. The cigar burned even, uniform, with no need for retouch address. The draw was next to effortless and delivered consistent smoke which developed into a rich harmony of flavors.

The binder purports to be Ecuadorian Sumatra; the filler is part Dominican and part Nicaraguan. I suppose this mixture allows for the gracious, sweet notes of coffee and spice with a generous dose of that Esteli earth I so dearly love. Other, more sensitive palates might discern chocolate and soft, dry leather. Whatever you pick out, you’ll admit it’s an excellent taste.

All this excitement is put together in Danli, Honduras. It’s a veritable hour-long geography lesson of the Americas! Foyle is a relatively new boutique brand distributed by Alliance. Their top shelf offerings are the scions of a couple of industry insiders – Dave Topper and Tom Sullivan, me thinks. Insiders, outsiders, whatever – they’ve done a tremendous job in creating this little square standout.

I found the rectangular wonder to be of solid “medium” body. Not too strong, not too soft. I imagine this stick would appeal to just about any and all smokers though a newbie might want to fortify the stomach with a good dinner prior to lighting up.

Me, I enjoyed after a light supper, pairing my toro with a plastic flask of vintage dihydrogen monoxide. It was a fine summer evening for a little work out-of-doors. My essays on government statistics and trade treaties (GAWD help!) were greatly assisted by this very good smoke. By the way, I suspect this stick would pair well with coffee or maybe even a dark beer. Maybe a coffee beer – like Bell’s Java Stout.

As busy and satisfied as I was, I was momentarily lulled into a false sense of cigar safety. That maduro ash hangs on solidly and perhaps deceptively. I suppose there was a good inch and a half of carbon-gray ash sitting atop the stick, simmering wonderfully, when I (carelessly) transitioned from keyboard to waterbottle. My movements toppled the gray column which landed hot side down on the back of my hand. Avoid that if possible! I still bear a small blister from the encounter. Rather than admit a foul on my part, I’ll just say the Folye Maduro is “hand burning good”.

Knock one back when you get a chance. Just, please, knock the ash regularly. You can obtain a Foyle from my friends at Cigars City with low prices, fast shipping, and excellent customer service.

Oh, if you’re not into smoking and writing, perhaps smoking and reading is the thing. I suggest this dark gem would go very nicely with a good book, like mine:

IMG_20160618_191141907 - Edited.jpg

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Cheers and happy smoking!

 — Perrin