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After jerking the people around with BS about not wanting to inflame hatred or inspire copycats (or whatever) the Department of Justice [SIC] and the FBI released the FULL, UNREDACTED transcript of Omar Mateen’s 911 call. Here’s the whole thing:


That’s it. All of it. Thirteen lines and only six of them are Omar’s. There are more recorded conversations between Omar and the police – almost half an hour’s worth. Those transcripts and the recordings themselves are being held back. They will be ultimately released but, given the insane way this 30-second call was danced around, who knows if we will ever get an accurate and complete picture of the whole series? I have suspicions.

A little is known about the other calls between Omar and negotiators. Omar told them, told us, why he committed his hideous crime: because the U.S. is bombing his [Muslim] countries. I’m surprised they let that out. Wouldn’t have been better to blame the crimes on the easy availability of guns? Or on hating our freedoms? Or hating gays? Or income inequality? Something to better suit the narrative?

I, personally, wonder if Omar mentioned any government contacts in those recordings. Those mentions, if they happened, will certainly not be released – not for a long time, if ever. Time will tell. When the truth counts, the government doesn’t.