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Following a lead I happened into what is probably the classiest cigar bar I have ever seen or heard of. Somehow they let me in. So, here I sit at the Davidoff of Geneva flagship store in Tampa – 5,000 square feet of cigar bliss. Holy smokes!

Being in “Rome” I went with a Nicaraguan blend toro:


Yes, that is a whack-a-mole game between the cigar and the bar.

This smoke is as awesome as its home here – it has a hint of that earthiness that keeps me coming back to Esteli and Jalapa mixed with the smooth happiness Davidoff is famous for. The gentleman at the counter (Mark) gave me a perfect cut and light though as I wandered around thunderstruck I caused the stick to “canoe” a little. True to excellent form and tradition my cigar auto-corrected with a slight rest. Magnificent!

This story keeps getting better as I write along. The beautiful bartender just brought me …. a coffee… Brought it! Without me getting up. From one of the best stocked bars I’ve ever seen.

There’s a Harley-Davidson/Camacho event unfolding inside and out. A bevy of “Camacho girls” are suiting up as I type. Or suiting down. Not sure. Don’t care.

Despite being a flagship operation this place carries most of the better brands from various makers. (The Camacho hotties keep pouring in…). And, they have tons of inventory all in an open humidor concept like JR’s (but so much nicer).

Two more girls…losing concentration. Good. Great. I may not be able to leave.