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Well, fate has me back at the Southern Command Center, aka Davidoff’s flagship Tampa store. Of all the Florida amusement parks and attractions, this has to be one of the very best.

The order of the day has been: catching up on work, getting over the holidays, and burning through a Davidoff Nicaragua.

The work was made so much better by the detailed attention of Jaira (“Jarah”). When you stop in, and you really must, I highly recommend her. You could ask for Ed or one of the other less attractive options. But why? Just kidding. They’re all great.


(Jaira…. Seriously, the staff is half knowledgeable, well-manner men and half knowledgeable knockouts. Choose wisely as I did.)

Davidoff is a fantastic choice in a cigar city of fantastic choices. They carry just about brand of better smoke in an unbelievable atmosphere.


They open early and close late. The mornings and afternoon are an ideal time (and place) to telecommute or relax. At night the “in”crowd arrives for loads of fun. Choose any one of 10,000 cigars and any drink from water to 80-year old Cuban rum.

*Note: This year has admittedly kicked off a little slow. Things are ramping up for a great January and an over-the-top 2017. Stick around…