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I write a good bit here on a vast array of topics – usually centered on the evils of government or cigars (sometimes the evil of government as it affects cigars). Two of my stories from the past month have been seconded (not repeated or copied) by other sources. I like to think I’m a trend-setter.

May 24, 2016 I posted Paul Ryan Rescues Banksters, Globalists about Paul Ryan’s dastardly plans to force you (all of you) to pay Puerto Rico’s debts – all on behalf of the banksters of the world.

I said then:

The bailout will happen; consider it a done deal. Really $2 Billion or the whole $70 Billion is but a barely noticeable drop in the fed’s ocean of economic woe. Things like this add up though. When the whole system comes crashing down don’t count on the banksters to be found let alone lend a hand. They’re gathering the last of the cash (yours and mine) and preparing to flee. However, come hell or high water, the politicians will be easier to find. They’ll still expect to be re-elected. Remember this story and all the others. Hold them accountable or rinse and repeat with similar results.

U.S. Rep. Dave Brat (R-VA), who actually has a Ph.D. in economics, has caught on to the theft and deception:

“This makes the bill truly Orwellian — it remove[d] the consent of the Puerto Rican people and creates a fiefdom for unelected officials chosen by President Obama.

“As economist Thomas Sowell said, ‘The fatal attraction of government is that it allows busybodies to impose decisions on others without paying any price themselves.’ Congress can’t even get its own fiscal house in order, but [passed] a bill to solve Puerto Rico’s problems.

“This bill should [have been] subject to ratification by the Puerto Rican legislature or a vote from the Puerto Rican people. As it stands, I [opposed] PROMESA because it turns free citizens into subjects.”

He’s only talking about the loss of autonomy of the people of Puerto Rico; the rest of the American people will be losing their money. Pay up, subjects.

Yesterday, after reading an alarming story from Facebook and verifying it I blasted out The Modern Highwaymen. It’s about police theft of your money via civil forfeiture:

The pigs have a clever trick to rob you called “civil asset forfeiture”. There’s nothing civil about it; they just seize your property (usually cash) and, if you want it back, you have to jump through burdensome legal hoops. Most victims don’t bother. I’d say 90%+ of the cash stolen is forfeited to the criminal state – I’ve watched in court before (case after case of The State vs. $943.72 and so on). The same police who absolutely will not lift a finger to help violent crime victims are more than wiling to steal your cash.

Today Martin Armstrong (via LewRockwell.com) agrees:

This is simply nullifying the Constitution. You have absolutely ZERO rights. He can rob you of everything and leave you with not even enough money for gas. The police have become the criminals. This is precisely how Rome fell. When they could not pay the army, they began sacking their own cities. This is exactly what the police are doing now and there is nobody to defend us against this new criminal organization.

Just stay out of Oklahoma at all costs. If other states follow, you better migrate to another country and fast. Look for a country not based on common law (English countries). This will destroy the freedom to travel for broke police have become highway criminals with guns.

I would love to post articles to LRW. I may have to contact their editor – Lew himself I presume.