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The other day I was somewhere. Some folks were talking politics. One man said, in a slow Southern drawl, “If we elect the wrong president, the country is finished.” I immediately thought to myself: “You will and it is.” The last best chance to revive the corpse of the old America we knew was to elect Ron Paul in 2008 (not 2012, too late). Now it is beyond too late – the finishing has begun.

You will. Google.

I didn’t listen to Trump’s America First speech but I did glance at the transcript. I made it as far as “rebuild the military” and “Israel, our great….” them something Islamic. The man does say the right thing sometimes, all politicians do from time to time. The little I read, based on my experience, means little more than more of the same. The problem is things are not the same. These are new times. Things are unfolding at home and abroad that no president can cure.

Now, my word on the speech: “blah”.