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What comes after Super Tuesday? Weepy Wednesday? So it is for Sanders, Cruz and the other lesser candidates as the 2016 presidential election rolls on. Ignoring for a while the mindless drivel and pathetic hilarity of the spectacle I offer a few predictions, major and minor, about the election.

Major Prediction One:

Next year, at this time, we will have in office President Donald J. Trump. With enough momentum a rolling rock will crash through a wall – even while promising to build another one.



Minor prediction: I could be wrong. The people may just be dumb enough to favor a career criminal has-been. Who can tell?

Major Prediction Two:

If Trump is elected and IF he can actually do some of what he boasts of, America may become a better place. “Great” is a relative term. This country is still great. However, there’s still room to make America great again.

For example, why are we witnessing caucus speeches in America conducted solely in the language of a totally failed and barbarous “country” like Somalia? Suicidal idiocy is the only answer I can come up with. Trump’s promise to repatriate these pirates, terrorists, and welfare feeders would be great if it came to fruition. The same goes for auditing the private, illegal Federal Reserve Bank.

Minor prediction: Our bankster overlords would rather see and will see America destroyed before they submit to any form of inspection. They control us, not the other way around.

Major Prediction Three:

Nothing will change regardless of the outcome of the election. The Molochian cult will keep driving us into oblivion. I theorize we are now past the point of no return. I also believe some will eventually pass through the black hole into a better tomorrow. Still it would seem less painful to turn from the event horizon if that is at all possible. Barring a miracle awakening and uprising I do not see it happening.

Major Prediction Four:

Should number three play out and if I think it plausible, I may consider running for the highest office myself in 2020 or 2024. The miracle I just dreamed of.

Minor prediction: My campaign would not get far. I will not associate with the party nonsense people crave. I will not deceive my way in via lies. My platform would be outside the comprehension of the mainstream: no promised goodies, just unadorned and brutal honesty. The majority are willfully unfree by choice. Depriving them of their masters would leave them free: unhappy and purposelessly adrift. Proposing such would shock them into choosing anyone but me.

As I am a principled nonvoter, it is conceivable I might garner zero votes – a sure historical first. If I succeeded wildly, I would be deprived of subject matter to ridicule, to the loss of my personal satisfaction and income.

Minor prediction: I’ll keep blasting away in spite of everything. I always admired Cassandra for telling it like it was, though the people were heedless.

Trump and circumstances. Hoorah!