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I don’t watch political debates. It’s not that I don’t like being lied to while a hoard of morons cheer like drunken sheep. I don’t like either. I’ve watched these things before, many of them, on television. I’ve been to more than a few in person. Only once – at a live Senatorial debate – did I ever hear something that I agreed with and respected. And that was a simple, one word answer.

My objection stems from economical consideration of my personal resources. I don’t waste my time on hours of pointless stupidity that be surveyed the next day through transcripts and video clips.

First, a quick word about that one word answer. In 2003 or 2004 (I think) I ventured down to a GOP “Christian” Coalition debate between several candidates for Georgia’s then open U.S. Senate seat. The moderator asked the assembled men if they supported President Bush’s plan to offer amnesty to illegal aliens. Johnny Isaacson, the man who eventually won election, gave a rambling political answer that put half the audience to sleep. I can’t remember if he said yea or nay. Next, Mac Collins explained for several minutes his deep rooted connection to Georgia. ‘I worked the Georgia clay with my own hands,’ and so forth. Again, no cogent answer. Then Herman Cain answered with a simple “no.”

Such simplistic honesty is exceedingly rare during debates (in all of politics too). Usually candidates try to one up each other while trying to tell the people what they want to hear.

Sometimes politicians stumble upon or march straight into dangerous and frightening territory. Such was the case at the recent Republican debate in new Hampshire.

In respnse to a question about the Selective (Slavery) Service, Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, and Chris Christie expressed verbal support for drafting our young women into the military. If silence is consent, the other pitiful candidates concurred with the deranged threesome. Only Ted “carpet bomb” Cruz dissented. His objection stemmed from old-fashioned chivalry which I agree with. However, he’s as big a warmonger as an. He would have no trouble marching our sons off die fight and die for the banks, just not our daughters. I have no use for any of these degenerates.


Women too, it seems. Google.

As Rothbard wrote in 1973, “Conscription is slavery.” His concern was that conscription is a 100% tax on a man’s life. It is. It’s also terrible for other reasons. It allows commanders a degree of recklessness regarding martial strategy. If you get all your men killed more can just be called up to replace them.

“War is a racket,” wrote Smedley Butler. They are generally fought for nefarious reasons having nothing to do with domestic security or tranquility. In a decent and morally sound country there should be no shortage of men volunteering to defend the homeland if actually threatened. The country’s government that resorts to drafting men is up to no good. That country is headed into darkness. A country that drafts women is an absolute failure and does not deserve to exist.

At the GOP insanity show Martha Raddatz of ABC News noted that Army and Marine chiefs had just told Congress women should register with Selective Service as men do. She then asked, “Many of you have young daughters. Senator Rubio, should young women be required to sign up for selective service in case of a national emergency [?]”

Here follow the entire answer of Rubio, Bush and Christie (transcript by cnsnews.com):

Rubio responded: “Well first, let me say there are already women serving today in roles that are like combat, that in fact whose lives are in very serious danger. So I have no problem whatsoever with people of either gender serving in combat, so long as the minimum requirements necessary to do the job are not compromised. But I support that. And, obviously, now that that is the case I do believe that selective service should be opened up for both men and for women in case a draft is ever instituted.”

After this, Rubio made some statements about the need to reverse the weakening of the U.S. military.

Raddatz then put the question about women registering for the selective service to Bush.

Raddatz: “Gov. Bush … Do you believe that young women should sign up for selective service—be required to do so?”

Bush responded: “I do. I do. And I think that we should not impose any kind of political agenda on the military. There should be—if women can meet the requirements, the minimum requirements, for combat service, they ought to have the right to do it, for sure.”

After this, Bush made some statements about the need to strengthen the military.

Then Raddatz asked Bush a follow-up question about his statement that he supports having young women sign up for the selective service. This led to an exchange between her and Bush.

Raddatz asked: “Tell me what you would say to American people out there, who are sitting at home, who have daughters, who might worry about those answers?”

Bush: “Why would they worry about it?”

Raddatz: “–and might worry that the draft is reinstituted?”

Bush: “Well, the draft is not going to be reinstituted. But why—if women are accessing—”

Raddatz: “But you can just do away with it?”

Bush: “No, I didn’t say that. You asked the question not about the draft, you asked about registering. And if women are going to be supporting– ”

Raddatz: “You register for the draft—if it’s reinstituted.”

Bush: “But we don’t have a draft. I’m not suggesting we have a draft. What I’m suggesting is that we ought to have readiness being the first priority of our military, and secondly that we make sure that the moral is high. And right now neither one of those is acceptable because we have been gutting the military budget. We also need to reform our procurement process. We need to make sure that there are more men and women in uniform than civilians in our Defense Department. There’s a lot of things that we need to do to reform, to bring our defense capabilities into the 21st century and I am the guy that can do that. That’s why I have the support of generals of admirals of 12 Medal of Honor recipients and many other people that know I would be a steady commander in chief and rebuild our military.

Raddatz: “Thank you very much.”

Gov. Chris Christie then stepped into the discussion to give his answer to the question.

Christie: “Martha, can I be really clear on this, because I am the father of two daughter—one of them is here tonight. What my wife and I have taught our daughters right from the beginning: that their sense of self-worth, their sense of value, their sense of what they want to do with their life comes not from the outside but comes from within. And if a young woman in this country wants to go and fight to defend her country she should be permitted to do so. And part of that also needs to be a part of a greater effort in this country. So, there is no reason why one young woman should be discriminated against from registering for the selecting service. The fact is we need to be a party and a people that makes sure that our women in this country understand anything they can dream, anything they want to aspire to, they can do. That’s the way we raised our daughters and that’s what we should aspire to as president for all the women in our country.”

Where to start, where to start?

Christie, all 400 pounds of him, wants to save women from discrimination. Isn’t that nice? A young woman’s worth comes from within. The draft comes from without, from Washington, from overweight, hairbrained idiots like Christie. Discrimination from criminal slavery is a good thing, it should apply to all.

Foamio is at least honest that this is about the draft, if ever reinstituted. “Obviously” it should be open to all. All except the well connected, bankers, and politicians, of course.

Bush seemed to take issue with the actual draft. “Well, the draft is not going to be reinstituted.” Really? Then why not abolish the Selective Service altogether? 

“Why would [the American people with daughters] worry about it? This smug stupidity is why I can’t watch debates nor support these candidates and their government. My answer to Bush’s question is simple (and likely beyond his comprehension). I have a daughter. I love her more than anything else in the world. I will not have her coerced into fighting for a corrupt, evil government and its Satanic globalist masters. I am willing to die and to kill to save her from such a fate.

The Bush family has a century long history of war profiteering. It started with Sam Bush and the War Industries Board of WWI (war for corporate profit). Sam and his banker son, Sam, continued the tradition in WWII (war for corporate profit). In WWII, a direct extension of WWI, the Bush men bet on both sides (a practice perfected by the Rothschilds).

President George Bush the 1st, former head of the Machiavellian CIA, wasted no time making war on Iraq (war for corporate profit). President George Bush the 2nd continued that war (for corporate profit) and launched another in Afghanistan (war for corporate profit). 

These wars killed and mained scores of millions of people. They were also the lifeblood of armorment companies, investment bankers and central banks, along with parasitic beaurocrats the world over. I do not wish to see Jeb or anyone else continue this never-ending cycle of death and destruction.

Those in attendance at the debate did not share my sentiments. That rabble of fat, ignorant, sickly looking heathens cheered the notion of enslaving women to government service. 

The Democrats offer nothing better. Their words are usually different, their dastardly deeds the same.

Dragging women into combat for corporations will be the coup de grâce of the old, dying Republic. It will see us from pathetically defeated to utter ruination.

Friends, do not partake of this madness; fight it.