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The American government is owned by bankers and operated for their good.I don’t mean your friends at the local credit union. I mean the central banks and their criminal associates. They are charter members of the Big Club that owns the country, most of it. They want it all, everything we have including our very lives.

Yesterday I blasted the GOP for their support of drafting women to fight for corporate profit. No entity profits more off of war than central banks and their commercial minions. They want all our children in servitude.

They also lock people up for civil debts despite a supposedly absolute legal ban on debtors prisons. The banks have U.S. Marshals hauling people into court in handcuffs and forcing those people, at gun point, to sign onto repayment plans for allegedly delinquent student loans. For now it just student loans. Maybe tomorrow it will be credit cards and mortgages too.

The shame of this is double. The illegally arrested poor are likely in court due to default judgments in cases they knew nothing about until they were arrested. Most of these cases probably suffer from a total lack of evidence. Also, these loans were of money created out of thin air. It cost the banks and the government nothing to create this fiat. Repayment, however, requires years of work. This is little more than slavery. That’s what they want – a nation of slaves.

Years ago they did away with high denomination paper money. Actually, they did away with money altogether. Now they’re targeting the $100 Bill. This is the next step towards eliminating cash completely. This will force everyone into the banking system and give the criminals total control over the monetary supply.

They want your money, your daughters, your lives. In 1836 Andrew Jackson allegedly said of the Banksters, “You are a den of vipers and thieves. I intend to rout you out, and by the grace of the Eternal God, will rout you out.” He was a man of his word. We desperately need that spirit again.