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A song:

Now they’re tryin to take my guns away;
And that would be just fine.
If you take em away from the criminals first,
I’ll gladly give ya mine.

Charlie Daniels, A Few More Rednecks, 1989

An analogy:

A house is burning down. The occupants are concerned for their safety, their lives. Their leader, the owner of the house, is oblivious to the conflagration. Suddenly, as the flames reach new heights of intensity, he stops and decries a picture which hangs crooked upon the wall. He doesn’t fix it. He just lectures the terrified people about the picture – while the house burns. This story can’t end well.

As for Daniels’s lyrics, even if government were included among the criminals, I would still require serious consideration before going along with his premise. However, his melodious intent is clear. First things first. Deal with the problems – the trouble-makers – before bothering the civil and the decent.

The analogized burning house is America. She is besieged by a host of problems – abortion, terrorism, debt, government tyranny – which may well reduce her to smouldering ruins. The fool fixated on the small issue while ignoring the rest is dear leader Obama.

In his twisted thinking, because the economy has not already collapsed, there is no trouble brewing. Just because angry primitives haven’t killed every American yet doesn’t mean we could not do without a few more, or many more, of them amongst us. No thought needs be given to a million babies brutally murdered every year by a government-funded industry of blood.

The problem he sees, his crooked picture on the wall, is us. We, the people, and our arms are his concern. The fact of the purely anecdotal nature of the crookedness is no deterrent. An isolated incident here and there is all the evidence the lackadaisical dictator needs.

In Colorado a deranged, bearded, babbling wild man killed three people at a Planned Parenthood killing clinic. No estimate is provided as to how many unborn (and perhaps birthed) children have met a grizzly fate there. No mention of the failed mental health system and its relationship (or lack thereof) with demented, cabin-dwelling nut jobs. ISIS? Who’s that? The problem Obama sees is guns, guns in our hands. All of us. Even that majority of us who do not drift the countryside shooting as we mutter. Especially us, for the armed and the sane are a constant threat to the trivially obsessed and the criminally governing.

After the shooting Obama declared, “enough is enough.”

Reacting to the shooting, Obama made an impassioned call for tighter controls on military-style weapons.

“This is not normal. We can’t let it become normal,” a frustrated Obama said.

“If we truly care about this … then we have to do something about the easy accessibility of weapons of war on our streets to people who have no business wielding them.”

He and I would be in agreement if by “people who have no business” he meant the mentally ill and the potentially dangerous. He doesn’t. He means me … and you. Agree we do not.



The killing in Colorado was terrible. All of it, not just the loss of lives and the injuries. That the shooter’s illness went untreated amidst the world of modern medicine and resources was terrible. That a place of such evil exists to give him demented focus is terrible. The President’s political exploitation is terrible.

A million dead babies a year is not hyperbole; it is a tragic fact. More tragic is that most abortions are committed for sake of convenience. All the while, a million American families wish they had a baby to adopt.

Obama and his party enjoy a cozy relationship with the industry. The loyal opposition, the gutless Republicans, do nothing. The people largely live on unconcerned.

In such circumstances it is often the crazy who alone will act. Being crazy their attempts usually miss the mark, they are self-defeating. Miguel de Cervantes’s titular Don Quixote was a madman, albeit heroic. His understanding of his wooden monsters was askew but, nevertheless, he attacked with righteous zeal. His loyal Sancho looked on. Few others took any notice of his quest or any reason (real or fanciful) behind it. So it is in America.

All the West is under invasion by jihadis. Their crimes Obama glosses over. He tells us it is only American to give them aid and comfort, to bring them home. Suicide has never been a lauded American trait.

Ever a politician and a contradiction Obama tells us, on the one hand, we must suffer more and more unvetted “refugees.” Just because. Self-presevation against their terrorist elements does not stem the flow. However, when a lunatic invades Obama’s sanctuary, jumps the Whitehouse fence, Obama permits his legion of guards and attack dogs to protect him. Live as he says, not as he lives.

For the liberal left the root of any problem is our guns. Crime, our guns. Terrorism, our guns. Our guns, our guns. The useless “conservatives” only maintain nominal opposition as it provides them an excuse to hold power. Otherwise, as with most things, they really don’t care.



The good news for the free is the fact of the guns themselves. Of old rifles and shotguns were the province of white men in the country. Now everyone is armed. Blacks, whites, women, men, city folks, bumpkins – everyone sees the value of prepared defense. For all the clamour of the hand-wringing left, even the law has settled behind the people. And, there are just too many of us now. They, unless they would risk a real war, have lost this one. For now, at least, we have beaten this windbag’s windmill.