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At least one of my readers is a professional firefighter.  Firemen know what a backdraft is – a serious threat to them when fresh oxygen rapidly enters a fire thus causing an explosive eruption of flames.

I face nothing so dangerous behind my keyboard. However, in place of backdrafts I have back drafts. Semantics? No. When I hit the “publish” button for this feature I will still have 66 draft articles in the hopper. Some of them go back to the beginning of the blog. Some are works in progress (some more actively working than others). Some are obsolete.  Some I have forgotten about and need to re-evaluate. Others, I don’t know what to do with.

By the way, this post you’re reading is NUMBER 300!!!!!


Party Time!! Google Images.

Okay, where was I? The drafts.  Every week I scan newsworthy events, mostly legal and political in nature, which fit with my ideology and themes.  I then craft articles for you. Of course, I also write wholly original material. I do updates like this.  I’m now hawking books for sale. All this puts a damper on cleaning out the old draft backlog.

What am I to do? Likely, I will keep on keeping on. But, I pledge to speed up some of those best drafts for publication. An axe needs be taken to others. Some may need to simmer a little longer.

Sixty-six is a substantial number. I hate the idea that I hold anything back which might entertain or educate. I don’t want to be selfish.

Thanks again for reading. Post 301 is coming soon!