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I am pleased to announce The Happy Little Cigar Book is now available for Kindle! I also must confess two errors on my part (I am Perrin…).  First, under my own description I say the book will “war the heart” when I clearly meant “WARM the heart.” I made the correction but it obviously takes a little while to show up on Amazon.  Oops. Second, I wrote this book with the paperback version in mind. I have never made an e-book before I knew nothing about the formatting. As such, the Kindle version is a little off – still very readable though. I will fix that foible as soon as I can figure it out. The content is crystal clear though. Think of this like that postage stamp with the backwards airplane; it’s going to be a collector’s item!

Please click on the book here and buy a copy:



Please leave me a (good) review and rating (5 stars please). I am working on a bio page for Amazon now. The paperback version (awesome design AND format) will be along sometime next week!