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Are all murders equal?  The short answer is, “yes.”  All human killing in general is bad enough.  Premeditated and unjustifiable killing is utterly deplorable whenever and wherever it happens.  Most people understand the concept.  Most, that is, except for the rodent political class.

The shooter in the Oregon community college rampage last week, Christopher Harper Mercer (an anti-Christian lunatic and loser), had barely been identified before President Obama embarked on a twelve-minute oration as much against American guns laws as against the tragedy itself:

“I would ask the American people to think about how they can get our government to change these laws and to save lives, and to let young people grow up. That will require a change of politics on this issue,” he said. “If you think this is a problem then you should expect your elected officials to reflect your views.”

Shut up, Barry.  Pay attention to the beam in your eye first.  How about first condemning your hospital bombing in Kundez, Afghanistan this weekend.  You know, the bombing so many are saying amounts to a war crime.

Nineteen are dead and 37 or more injured in the bombing (don’t forget the Afghan war ended last year…) and all the Whitehouse can do is issue a short statement:  “‘The Department of Defense has launched a full investigation, and we will await the results of that inquiry before making a definitive judgment as to the circumstances of this tragedy,’ the President said.”

When it is politically expedient to exploit a domestic terror the political class immediately demands action.  However, when they are responsible for the deaths, they want to wait before making any judgments.  When some idiot murders another, they want to take away all of our guns.  When they are the idiots who murder others, it’s just collateral damage.  “Oops!  Sorry we burned your kids alive.  Won’t happen again.”

Again, most people see this glaring difference and inequity.  Again, the pols just can’t.  Their cover-up artists in the popular press can’t either.  The best CNN can do combining the issues of gun violence and war/terrorism is to release a graph showing a disparity between the number of Americans killed between 2001 and 2013 by guns (406,496) and by terrorism (3,380).  Their slant is obviously towards the Obama-ite view of changing gun laws and further restricting the freedoms of normal Americans.

Four hundred thousand deaths (taking their numbers for granted) in twelve years is terrible – that’s roughly 33,333 deaths per year.  But, statistically speaking and with an eye towards liberty, what about the net effect?  The government criminals and their media lackeys never talk about lives saved by guns.  In America every year that number approaches somewhere close to 2.5 Million.  That’s 30 Million lives saved by guns over twelve years!  That’s 75 times as many lives saved as lost due to firearms.

Little of this matters to those degenerates who bomb hospitals full of helpless people.  The rest of us are painfully aware that (although imperfect) an armed society is much safer than the alternative (see also the experiences of disarmed citizens faced with the likes of Hitler and Stalin).  Least safe of all is an armed government.  Yes, Barry, we need policy changes.  We need common sense government control.  Many lives depend on it.