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My apologizes to the late, great Warren Zevon.

Another shooting in another gun-free zone.  Hmm. Always the narrative.  One would seem to preclude the other.  You don’t hear about too many shootings at police stations, gun ranges, NRA conventions – places where everyone is armed. Anyway, 13 or more innocent people are dead in Oregon.  Very sad.

It’s also rather suspicious that officials know the shooter’s age and sex but not his name.  We knew Vester Flanagan’s name and even his alias immediately. CNN had pictures of KKK-wannabe Dylan Roof instantly.  Nothing this time.

Also interesting is the shooter’s request that his victims rise and state their religions before he executed them.  All this leads me to believe the shooter was either anti-Christian or Muslim.  Maybe both.  Maybe he was just a nut.  Maybe he was a recently imported, CIA trained “refugee” from the middle east seeking a better, safer life in America.  That was sort of the story in Chattanooga and some other recent shootings.  The government is working overtime to import jihadis into the rubble of the Old Republic.

The same government is about to run out of money.  All year they have employed various tricks to make invisible the mounting debt crisis.  As I said earlier, they’re printing and spending just not reporting.  Now the chickens are coming home and the roost is ready to collapse.

Not to worry.  Ahead of his departure Speaker John “Boo Hoo” Boehner is orchestrating a plan to raise the government’s borrowing limit.  They will succeed.  A default and resulting shutdown would be the best thing that could possibly happen to this country.  After several weeks or months the people would forget about the government and never want it back.  The best thing for us is the worse for the political class.  They can’t have that.  The horror show will go on.

They keep spending, we keep dying.  Convenient, huh?


Government defined in four words.  Google Images.