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I survived another Masters Tournament!  And what an affair it was – one of the best in great period of bests!  Tiger didn’t win but he did greatly improve over his recent forays. None of my favorites made it either.  Hats off to Jordan Spieth.  What a showing!

The show over at the Hooters’s tent on Washington Road was outstanding as well:


(The one and only John Daly made it to the Top Shelf Cigar table.  Thanks Big John!)


(My friend’s band, Shinebox, entertained.)

shine daly

(How about John Daly performing with Shinebox!?)

Seriously, who knew Daly can sing?  He sang Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door by Bob Dylan. And, he was good.  That’s Big John in the above picture on the left.  I have a video of the whole song.  Shinebox is disappointed as you must be that I lack the technological know how to post it.  It’s coming along with blog-related videos.  Remember, I have the tech skills of a possum.


(Perrin working on this post…  Google.)


(Doug (drummer) and I pre-Daly show.)


(It was a great week.  Join us next year.)

As a happy aside – we just celebrated tax day!  Another best of best days but some are perplexed: “As they rush to file their taxes by April 15, Americans are rightfully frustrated with the complexity of the 74,608-page-long federal tax code.”  The Not-So-Affordable Care Act (just another tax) added a measly three thousand pages…  What’s there to complain about?

Today I published An Unexpected Gift: Christmas at the Supreme Court, a celebration of the Court’s ruling in Rodriguez vs. United States, April 21, 2015.  Give it a read.  I’m working on a few more heavy hitters, one of which might make it out today.  Stay tuned.