A Rambling Retreat


Hello! For once in a blue moon, I’m on holiday. I wasn’t exactly sure what to write about this week, so here’s a general scoffing at a few things, perhaps coupled with random observations from the road.

Putin is dead nine times over, and Ukraine has won the SMO thrice. Still, ZATO needed a game-changer, a magic weapon of super-duper significance. And it is the Javelin M-777 HIMARS depleted uranium Patriot Asstroglide Storm Shadow F-16! If – big IF – these not-bad fighters make their way to the 404, then we’ll all get a kick out of videos and photos of them being blasted from the sky. *yawn*

The United States of ‘Murica is an exceptional nation. A beacon of democracy, rules-based order, degeneracy, usury, and sodomy to the world. So it is that the debt ceiling debacle isn’t really a big deal. It’s just more retardery from a dead empire. The only interesting thing – and this may be the margaritas typing – is that the pending gloom and doom threatens SSI payments. They’ll paper over it again this time, probably. Yet, sooner or later, and likely sooner, the show’s over. Fear of losing their precious “I done paid mine!!!” monthly checks keeps BOOMERS(!) and (shhhhhhhh!) Silents in places like Texas from supporting things like secession. It’s ironic that — ah, heck. *yawn*

Not! To! Worry! Tim Scott will save us! Vote for Honest Timmy, GOP-ites, and no one, and I mean, no one will call you “racist”. Okay, they’ll call you that until stage ten is in progress, but at least you can waste your vote on a nice guy who tells the truth. Timmy is right: ‘Murica is not in decline. ‘Murica is dead and decaying and has been for some years now. Given all of the other GOP hoodlums, not to mention RFK— There’s not going to be an election, so let’s just yawn through this one and move on.

Even the deep state’s ability to generate havoc has declined markedly in just the past few years. On Christmas morning, back in 2020, for reasons, they detonated an RV-load of explosives allegedly just to knock over a server tower … for reasons. This week, the best they could do was lazily drive a U-haul truck up to the White House. The only item inside the truck was a Nazi flag. If this was a DS attack, then it ranks among the lowest and saddest of all their many attempts. On the other hand, it was a Nazi flag, and Lil’ Ze has been MIA for some weeks now, so… Anyway, on to citrus trees and whatnot.

“Closed for the Season”. That’s what the sign at the Orange and Citrus Shop said. The doors were indeed locked, and the lights were off. That made it impossible to buy a basket or pecan roll or whathaveyou for housewarming gift purposes. Thank goodness the grocery store sells whatever that was I grabbed without looking. But I want to know exactly what season shuttered the fruit stand. Spring? Or is this an advance on summer? Tourist season? Baseball season? The rainy season? I suppose some questions just aren’t meant to be answered.

I also suppose this little excuse for a column has reached the natural endpoint. They can’t all be winners, right? We’ll be back next week, hopefully with some substance. In the words of Curly Bill, “Well, bye”.