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Chinese wargames yield the same results as those previously run by the satanic states. In a real shooting war, imperial yankee aircraft carriers and their support ships are giant floating targets.

Over 20 intense battles, Chinese forces sank the USS Gerald R. Ford carrier fleet with a volley of 24 hypersonic anti-ship missiles, in a simulation run on a mainstream war game software platform used by China’s military.

In the scenario, the US vessels are attacked after continuing to approach a China-claimed island in the South China Sea despite repeated warnings.

A paper detailing the war game was published in May by the Chinese-language Journal of Test and Measurement Technology. It is the first time the results of simulated hypersonic strikes against a US carrier group have been made public.

The researchers, led by Cao Hongsong from the North University of China, said almost every US surface vessel was shattered by the attack and eventually sank in the simulation.

The war games suggested the US carrier group – previously regarded as unsinkable by conventional weapons – could be “destroyed with certainty” by a relatively small number of hypersonic strikes, they said.

If by some strange twist of fate, one still happens to be a real American man in the satanic states military, then now would be a really good time to get out. Just tell them you reject tranny ideology. Whatever it takes, and however it happens, is preferable to resting eternally at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean.