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Clown World Arrogance Doomed The Great Counteroffensive


Kiev’s mighty counteroffensive against them mean, overly aggressive, and all-but-defeated Russkies started about a year ago. Or six months ago. Or around New Year’s. Or last week. Or never. Last I heard, Lil’ Ze, decked out in tactical high heels and a rainbow-colored camo SS uniform, was leading his fifty and sixty-year-old conscripts straight to the gates of Moscow. Rumor has it Joe Wilson (R – South Israelina) and Hunter Biden (D – Eightballistan) were in the van, guarding the Asstroglide supply. 

By now, you know the drill. The Russians, the only people really “in the know”, say very little. ZATO and its wholly-owned media spew forth a constant stream of lies. Part of the Clown’s lying comes genetically from something passed down by their father. Another part, a very large part, comes from plain old arrogance, a collective drinking of the Jonestown-esque Kool-Aid. Vladimir Putin, leader of the free world, called out the genesis of this diseased mindset during his Victory Day speech last week: “We believe that any ideology of superiority is inherently disgusting, criminal, and deadly”. That ideology, if unchecked, leads to forcible attempts of supremacy, which leads to conflict, which leads to death. How deadly? Some current estimates from the SMO, not necessarily exact, place the number of dead Ukies and ZATO ringers somewhere between 300-400,000 KIAs, with total casualties drifting toward one million. That kind of deadly.

The rulers of the dying yankee empire have subtly begun to shift their distracting focus away from their inevitable defeat in Europe. Your neighbor who still flies the Ukrainian flag, and who probably still wears a face diaper, is in for a rude awakening. She didn’t bother to check Lil’ Ze’s panicked “treason” comments as redacted the other day by the WaPo. She likely thinks, if that’s possible, that Evgeny Prigozhin is a tantrum-throwing lunatic and not, as Larry Johnson astutely surmised, a master of something similar to the CIA-SAD’s brand of misinformation and distraction in the cause of paramilitary engagement. She’s probably not worth talking to, but if you have to, please be kind. By then, if not already, she’ll likely be all-in on the next obvious unwinnable conflict – with China. The Clowns are already planning to give Taiwan the Ukrainian treatment, as evidenced by some recent idiotic admissions by Rep. Seth Moulton (D – Israechusetts) to the Milken Institute. Yes, that (((Milken))) Institute. In brief, the Clowns are willing to bomb Taiwan’s semiconductor industry out of existence, a multi-trillion dollar global techno-economic catastrophe notwithstanding, just to make life a little more difficult for Chairman Jiping. The very good news is that evil retarded schemes like that are driving Taipei closer to peaceful, willing reunification with Beijing. 

Clown World’s disastrous Taiwanese plan heavily relies on hypothetical naval power. The USSA historically conducted four types of warfare in order to gain and hold global hegemony: 1) deception, 2) terrorism, 3) short-term expeditionary tactics, and 4) sea-based power. Arrogance lies like a fog across all four. DC’s Navy (now, “Gay-vy”) was, for the past century or so, very competent, very dangerous, and very effective. All post-modern problems aside, to a large degree, it still is. It faces two insurmountable problems this century. The first is that it cannot sufficiently defend its costly capital ships against missile attacks. The second is the pervasive arrogance among the flag officers, the political trash, the fake military intelligentsia, and the just smart enough to watch “Top Gun” ‘Murican public. 

It’s been this way for some time. Have you, dear reader, ever heard about the 1970’s wargame wherein the tiny Belgian air force “sank” the Big John, CV-67? I didn’t think so. Cruise and the Bruckheimers may have omitted the fiasco from their otherwise entertaining movie(s). The Belgians “won” that battle due to their ingenuity and skill, and due to ‘Murican military arrogance. 

It’s been this way for a very long time. Have you, dear reader, ever heard of the Battle of Savo Island in 1942? Of the Solomon Campaign during WW2? A small flotilla of Japanese ships blasted the daylights out of the combined Allied fleet, scoring a major, nearly casualty-free victory for Tokyo. Again, the root cause was ‘Murican military arrogance. US Rear Admiral Richmond Turner admitted as much:

The Navy was still obsessed with a strong feeling of technical and mental superiority over the enemy. In spite of ample evidence as to enemy capabilities, most of our officers and men despised the enemy and felt themselves sure victors in all encounters under any circumstances. The net result of all this was a fatal lethargy of mind which induced a confidence without readiness, and a routine acceptance of outworn peacetime standards of conduct. I believe that this psychological factor, as a cause of our defeat, was even more important than the element of surprise. (Turner’s Memo to CINCPAC, May 13, 1943). 

Never misjudge the other guy. And treat all enemies as what they all can be – lethal adversaries. Of course, the US went on to win the War in the Pacific. In fairness to all concerned, mistakes were made around Savo by all parties. Once the grandeur of his nighttime victory wore off, IJN Vice Admiral Gunichi Mikawa was roundly criticized for not further pressing his advantages. Whereas the US succumbed to arrogance, Mikawa gave in – and not without good reason – to over-cautiousness.

Today, the primary factors that contributed to the inevitable US/Allied victory over Germany and Japan, practically guarantee Sino-Russian victory over Clown World. If one has ten minutes, then it might be instructive to play with this Coalition Builder model. Know that the data is out of date (e.g., they still list a Ukrainian navy), and multiple factors are missing. Still, one can directly pit “NATO”, backed by “Japan”, “Taiwan”, etc. against “Russia” and/or “China” and then assess the probable outcome(s). Summary: Clowns lose.

Back to the SMO, here’s a VIDEO that shows how well Brandon’s master’s counteroffensive is going. That was (emphasis on the “was” part) ZATO’s massive ordnance and fuel depot in Khmelnytskyi. I do not have precise figures, but it had to be thousands, if not tens of thousands of tons of ZATO munitions, or TNT equivalent, were destroyed in something approaching a Hiroshima-class explosion that registered somewhere between 3 and 4 on the Richter Scale. Perhaps a half-billion, if not a full billion dollars worth of “counteroffensive” supplies gone in an instant. 

If the MOD’s operational pattern is discernible, then it looks like a long series of episodes of watching the Clowns deliver armament after armament to the 404, letting those weapons take their place in the various cauldrons, and then annihilating them with artillery and missiles strikes – a strategy of allowing the enemy to continually defeat and disarm itself. The Khmelnytskyi offensive is much more aggressive. Perhaps it is a sign of a change in pace. Or, it could be the case of an opportunity too good to pass over. Either way, an enormous trove of potential firepower just ceased to exist. This is obviously a win for Moscow. But it is also good for the entire conflict, even as far as the Ukrainian people are concerned; the fewer weapons there are, the fewer men will be killed wielding them. For the people in western Ukraine, this wake-up call comes with an added radiological effervescence, the result of the UK ignoring Russian warnings about ZATO’s mini-WMD of choice (see Serbia and Iraq), depleted uranium. 

There’s also the double-edged angle for literal Americans and other real Westerners: none of those destroyed weapons can ever be used against us by our satanic foreign overlords. That’s good, as is the overall disarming of the Clowns, and the fact Clown constituent countries no longer have the capacity or funding to sufficiently replenish lost supplies. One downside is the loss of potential underdog initial material supply in the inevitable event of domestic unpleasantness. Still, all things considered, it is for the best.

In closing, a somewhat unsettling notion has grown in my mind for the last month or so. It regards a thinly-perceived strategy of the Clowns in their desperate attempts to remain alive and in power. Call it a great internal leap, maybe a lateral leap. I’ll keep an eye and a few neurons on it. For now, remember to never, ever trust, follow, or depend on the Clowns. They have ways of making their arrogant, evil insanity look desirable. Don’t fall for it. It is a psychological factor that only leads to defeat. Let all of that affect the Clowns alone.

In keeping with the recent theme of book promotions, I’ll recommend Disintegration and Losing Military Supremacy, both by Andrei Martyanov and Eisenhower At War, 1943-1945, by David Eisenhower (the General’s grandson). Of course, now is the time to purchase as many copies of The Substitute as one can afford.