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Peace in the SMO will come when NATO, not Ukraine, is sufficiently beaten and capitulates to Russia. The sooner that happens, the better for everyone. The fake West is losing interest in the fight as well as the ability to affect it meaningfully. So, this might be the right time for Cyril Ramaphosa to try to help move things along.

Russia and Ukraine have agreed to host a peace mission from African leaders who are seeking to resolve the conflict between the two nations, South African President Cyril Ramaphosa has said.

During a press briefing on Tuesday, Ramaphosa revealed he had talked to Russian President Vladimir Putin and Ukrainian leader Vladimir Zelensky about the proposal.

“My discussions with the two leaders demonstrated that they are both ready to receive the African leaders and to have a discussion on how this conflict can be brought to an end,” Ramaphosa said, as cited by Reuters.

“Whether that will succeed or not is going to depend on the discussions that will be held,” he added.

Earlier this year, I noted that 2023 might be the year that Ramaphose sets himself apart from the average African leader. He’s heading BRICS+ this year. There’s his peace attempt. And, allegedly, he’s working with other Africans leaders on amicably, intelligently resolving another issue closer to home. Time will tell.