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Dr. Roberts has a good take on a (paywalled) report of alarm out of the UK.

The Dumbshit British Gave Their Country Away

And so did the US, Germany, France, Italy, Sweden, and the rest of the stupid white ethnicities.

There is no doubt whatsoever. White ethnicities are an endangered species.

In the near future white ethnic nations will no longer exist, and neither will their languages, their literature, their art, their history and accomplishments. We are entering the Second Dark Age.

Says the Telegraph:

…people who identify as white British at primary school age or in large cities will be a ‘declining minority’ by 2060.

If the falsified decline metrics for the former United States are a reliable guide, then it’s probably more like 2040, 2030, or now. The UK, Germany, France, and a few other Western European nations are about where the USSA was, demographically-speaking, in the 1980s. Ergo, as I have been saying for some time now, now – not tomorrow, not later today, but right the hell now – is the time for emergency military action to preserve those nations. And, yes, last year would have been an even better time to start.

The French are showing strong signs of waking and being the first to cleanse their lands. The rest will follow, most of them. The process, foisted upon the people through years of trusting evil retards, will not be pleasant. But it is inevitable, and it will be over faster and with less pain than what is starting to unfold in the USSA. Hopefully, it will be a very short (if violent) Dark Age.