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Remember Operation Northwoods Nine-Eleven? PATRIOT Act? DHS? Ring a bell? Remember the rally cry, “If we don’t fight the *checks notes* middle-aged pro-life advocates over there, we’ll have to fight ’em over here!”

The Department of Homeland Security listed pro-life mothers as potential “radicalization suspects” in a violence prevention training guide just days after President Biden took office, documents obtained by a conservative legal watchdog show.

DHS’s Office of Terrorism and Violence lists profiles of various domestic extremists in an internal memo dated Jan. 29, 2021 — including a “middle-aged pro-life advocate” — and asks participants to make “real-life decisions” to confront each.

Move aside, TLM Catholics and Mr. Parent speaking to the school board. We have a new face of terrorism in this fakest, gayest empire since the Lots left town. And notice that, as it started just after Brandon was doped and propped up, it obviously had been in the planning stages before. It’s almost like there’s a deep state controlling DC independent of the pols. 2033 can’t get here fast enough.