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Dr. Ironsides noted the presence and growth of literal satanism in the “schools” he visited in THE SUBSTITUTE. Sadly, this phenomenon, as I have written before, is not limited to fiction.

After School Satan Clubs have been steadily increasing in popularity and are not likely to slow as their supporters rack up media attention and legal wins fighting for free speech.

The clubs, associated with the Satanic Temple and offered only in primary schools, began at the beginning of 2020 and quickly gained attention from parents who wanted an alternative to religious clubs, according to June Everett, campaign director of the After School Satan Club.

“That’s kind of when things started blowing up. And I anticipate that every year moving forward is going to get busier and busier,” Everett told The Hill.

If only things were blowing up. Read that whole story. It’s from The Hill. It’s real. Check and verify for yourselves. Call a school or two. Then, whatever else you may do, GET YOUR CHILDREN OUT OF THESE LITERALLY DAMNED AND DAMNING “SCHOOLS”!