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That was probably the main goal of the C19 hoax and crime of aggression. Dr. Roberts has an update on what many saw coming.

US military doctors confirm in testimony before US Senate that in the first 10 months of 2021 compared to the five year average from 2016-2020, there were increases among vaccinated US military personnel of miscarriages by 279%, of female infertility by 471%, of male infertility of 344%, and birth defects by 156%. As most children conceived after the mothers’ vaccination had not yet been born, the final figure of birth defects will be far higher.

At least, and it’s cold comfort, we tried to warn people. The mentioned numbers are just a hint of the damage inflicted because people could not be bothered to listen or think. Fear is a powerful weapon, and it wounds looks like miscarriage, infertility, birth defects, recurrent cancer, heart attacks, strokes, and more. All of these “side effects” were known in advance. They were the intended outcome.