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A Day Of Vengeance: Observations on Nashville


Padraig Martin has a new book out, a collection of Southern dissident essays, The Honorable Cause. I’ve read it and it’s a great first step toward righting the Dixie mindset for the rapidly approaching future. In it, I found some words I wish I had written:

In short, Americanism can best be described as a 24/7 commercial starring crossdresser RuPaul as he twerks and pitches the benefits of a predatory reverse home mortgage to obese diabetics and simpletons.

      • Rick Dirtwater, Americanism: Death of the South, The Honorable Cause, p. 186 (2023).

Sodomy, usury, retardation, and obesity – our cherished ‘Murican values! It really is just about that ridiculous. And it’s going to get worse.

I drafted an entirely different column, which will wait for later. As the mass homicide at the Covenant School has been memory-holed by the MSM for obvious reasons, I thought we’d take a brief look at it. Though their casus belli is specious at best, the queers openly advertised they wanted vengeance. It looks like they got it. One wonders when, if ever, will we get ours. Some bullet-pointed observations:

  • ‘Murica’s fake president proudly proclaimed, just a few days ago, “Transgender Americans shape our nation’s soul”. “Joe Biden” might be an actor, a robot, or a computer program, but he’s not wrong about the anti-soul of the dead empire.
  • The shape of the empire’s soul looks something like a statue of Moloch. The transvestites, et al, may be cursed with substantial mental illness. However, as evidenced by their weaponization, they are also imbued with demonic evil. In Nashville, they did what they’ve always done – prey on children and any adults getting in the way.
  • As usual, with the Covenant shooting, all we have are the reports of the government and the media, a combined entity every bit as schizophrenic as an average transvestite. A grain of salt, or the whole bag. 
  • Assuming any part of the given narrative is accurate, we have another wind-up toy, a she-he-it freak, loosed upon Christian children. You’ve no doubt read the story. I assume it was mentally deranged, under the influence of narcotics, and probably directed by something along the lines of an lgbtP-ized MK-Ultra.  
  • Police Chief Drake claims the freak left a manifesto. The queers don’t want it ever released, so we can guess what it says. They’ve been ranting away obscenely about killing Christians. They and their satanic masters appear to be serious. As usual, some of those masters, or the agents thereof in the form of US media Jews, took to social media to make fun of our tragedy. It speaks volumes that the Taliban stepped in with words of aid and comfort. Thank you, Muslim brothers and sisters!
  • There’s no doubt the actions of the freak were wicked. But was it? We are assured: “When it goeth well with the just the city shall rejoice: and when the wicked perish there shall be praise.” Proverbs 11:10. The killer perished. Do we sing praise when it goeth not so well in the city?
  • The faux vengeance of the wicked is self-defeating. “For it is not the power of them, by whom they swear, but the just vengeance of sinners always punisheth the transgression of the unjust.”  Wisdom 14:31. That’s another way of saying, as King Theoden did, “Oft evil will shall evil mar.” Given the context of verses 26 through 30, it’s an all-the-more-fitting message in this case. Still, the punishment came at a terrible price for the innocent.
  • Vengeance is a heck of a concept. As is the notion of return or counter–vengeance.  Ultimately, it belongeth to the Lord. Hebrews 10:30. As to righteous vengeance, the Lord may allow or even direct His people to seek retribution. See Ezekiel 25:14.
  • In a purely hypothetical and fictitious context, if Southern Christians had any kind of modern military capability – which we certainly do not – then it would be interesting if the Lord gave us a perfect venue and time for striking back against some of the absolute worst of our enemies. It’s a moot point, really. But there are lessons to be learned from this pathetic episode.
  • Gun control in the USSA is a dead letter. Even the dullest Boomer normie understands that domestic disarmament is but a prelude to subjugation. And it is patently obvious that the other side has heartily embraced weaponry. Unlike the normies, the wicked are more than able to actually use their guns. And, again, I point out that weapons confiscation is a two-way street. That too is a moot point at the moment; once the war gets worse – and it will – the concept will become clearer.
  • Get out of the cities! Metro Nashville is home to more than 2 million people. In Davidson County and the surrounding areas, there has been sufficient demographic “diffusion” over the past fifty years to make for very vibrant, and, thus, horrifying circumstances. Simply put, predators go where the prey is. Urban areas are target-rich environments, which is only advantageous if you’re the one doing the targeting.
  • Homeschool or literally die. I suspect that fewer than 1% of US public schools and perhaps 10% of private academies deserve to exist. While I do not doubt that the Covenant school stands head and shoulders above the government-controlled competition, multiples of zero are still zero. I did a brief check and found no indication that Latin (or Greek, or Hebrew) is taught at Covenant. Even if the school does offer some semblance of the Trivium, it is still no substitute for Christian parents properly instructing their children at home. Also, consider the last time one ever heard of a school shooting at a homeschool.
  • Expect much more of this and worse. There are only a very few somewhat-interrelated future probabilities for the USSA, Dixie included. None of them look too pleasant. Pax Americana is over. Plan accordingly.
  • Regarding our plans for ourselves, a few parting words from Confucius: “Those whose courses are different cannot lay plans for one another.” Our courses are entirely different. We literally cannot live with these people.

Next week, I’ll probably drop a little preview of AURELIUS. For now, for an Ironsides fix, if one wants a picture of what the schools are really like these days, and if one likes seeing righteous vengeance visited upon the wicked, then consider reading THE SUBSTITUTE.

Deo vindice!