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Even more on THE game changer:

America’s pundits have a problem comprehending equal relationships between two sovereign and independent nations. And in this case, neither Russia nor China is inclined to declare a formal alliance because, simply put, an alliance inevitably requires assuming obligations and limiting the optimal pursuit of interests in deference to a collective agenda.

What emerges, therefore, is that Putin’s strategic calculus in Ukraine will be shaped much more heavily by events on the battlefield than on any Chinese input. Russia’s reaction to the Chinese “peace plan” regarding Ukraine testifies to that reality.

No sooner than Xi departed from Moscow, Putin in an interview with with Russia 1 TV, set the record straight that Russia is outproducing the West’s ammunition supplies to Kiev. He said, “Russia’s output level and its military-industrial complex are developing at a very fast pace, which was unexpected by many.”

Read the whole thing. Western pundits are only as keen as their masters allow them to be. As demonstrated for the last year, Russia is more than capable of defeating NATO. China’s waiting in the wings only means the death of the old satanic order and the birth or something new, something Sovereign. One day, even Americans might benefit – if they can shake off the control of the evil elites who destroyed their country.