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Banking on the Future: A Loosely Proposed Economic and Monetary Policy (for Dixie)


*This week, there will be two columns! Tune in a little later here, and a little later still at Reckonin’, for my review of Reclaiming The Catholic Church, a book every Christian should read.

Weather balloon mania aside, everyone was getting so excited about the 2024 election. Then, cruelly if predictably, the banks began to melt down. How many have we lost as of today? I, honestly, can’t keep track. 

There’s no point in tracking the collapse, even as everyone saw it coming or should have seen it coming. The esteemed Giuseppe Filotto just confessed that he jumped the gun on our current predicament 30 years too early. He’s to be forgiven because it is better to be ahead of these things than behind them, and he essentially made the same miscalculation Harry Figgie Jr. made in his 1992 book, Bankruptcy 1995. That book is still worth reading, by the way. The reason they, I, and almost everyone else got the timing wrong is multifaceted. First, we are decent, normal people, the opposite of the rank evil that rules the USSA, the West, and our dying financial institutions. Their dark ways are outside of our immediate reckoning, and it is difficult for anyone caught in the moment to accurately assess any complex moving disaster. Second, the scope and magnitude of this calamity are almost beyond comprehension. Using Figgie’s title as a guide, the USSA, which is and has been technically bankrupt, keeps functioning (poorly) because of its unique standing. It is all at once the debtor, the creditor, the bankruptcy judge, and the trustee. It also employs legions of full-time liars and obfuscators and a literal army of armed goons to force allegiance when lies fall short. There are other reasons.

This rolling dark age has been a long time in the making. It was born, in darkness, in 1913, of a labor long devised. It methodically grew, genuinely intensifying in 1944. Between 1971 and 1973, it launched on afterburners. The jets are still roaring, but the trajectory is now terminally locked onto the unforgiving terra firma. A loud boom and a large crater are in order. 

What the idiots in the financial press and the heathens in DC are babbling about this week is, I think, the continuation of the Great Recession of 2008. That little hiccup never ended. Instead, it was papered over and buried beneath a heap of fake debt “money”. The rather substantial flareup in the fall of 2019 was tamped down by the copious shoveling of more fake debt money through the Fed’s magic “repo” window. Perhaps a large majority of the fake debt money ginned up from all the “stimulus” programs of C19 Great Hoax and War Crime fame went into the same unfillable chasm. We may never know how many tens of trillions of fake debt-based dollars were gifted to the foreign banking elites. And yet the banks are still failing.

Whatever evil spells the Fed and the yankee government cast may extend this horrible process for a little while longer. But we have passed the point of no return. We’re now living in the final phases of mass financialization – the phases where everything, having lost real value, burns down. Thus, just as there is no longer any valid reason to follow practical ‘Murican politics, there is no reason to seriously follow the official ‘Murican or Werewestern economic policies or news. Really. There is no point in doing so going forward. You’re going to suffer regardless. Your future survival depends on you and your close community infinitely more than it does CNBC’s constant wisdom to “buy”. 

Accordingly, and considering World War Three and the looming Balkanization of the USSA, it makes no sense to offer any substantive corrective advice as to the present devolving order. What I’d like to do herein is offer a few broad-brush points for Southerners to consider during and after the breaking of the current political and societal order. These might also be useful to any other group(s) who want to rebuild and move on. Though a realist, I am a loyalist to my Southland. Ergo, one may imagine what this loose plan would look like if implemented in a reconstituted CSA, or in some part(s) thereof. I have three points and then some suggested assignments.

One. Abolish All Debt.

All of it. Now is not the time to quibble. Whatever indebtedness, of any kind, may be found within the borders of the subject remnant area must be nullified, canceled, revoked, and utterly destroyed as if it had never existed (because in tangible terms, it never did). Clean slate. Jubilee. Collateral lost. Title to the occupier. Read Hudson, Graeber, et al. Shut up and do it. 

In the future, usury must be completely outlawed. Make charging any rate or amount of interest a capital felony. Better yet, regard it as an act of combative hostility against the new state and against the people, punishable by summary military execution. Following Point Three, below, should cause would-be Shylocks a pause for many years or generations.

Two. Return To Real Money.

As I have mentioned before, as it is traditionally and legally defined, there is statistically zero money left in the USSA’s economy. This grand larceny was intentional and the effects have been horrific. It drove almost all real value from the people to the wicked foreign elites. In these last days of the empire, the situation is irreversible. However, in the future, the damages can be and must be mitigated.

Gold. Silver. Iron. Some physical, quantifiable thing or things. Take stock of them, whatever they are, and base a currency on them. Let this be an exclusively public function under the control of the most capable men in the new state. Immediately kill anyone who suggests privatizing any part of the monetary system or in any way compromising it. 

All of the traditional theories of monetary anything have failed or proven fraudulent or, at best, fantastic. Look instead to both the ancient traditions that worked for millennia and the newer approaches that are working today. Russia and China offer two different, though linked, and functioning systems of money creation, valuation, and trade that differ in multiple ways from the failed, dead dollar. The revived Yuan and Ruble are 1) not governed by evil foreigners, 2) based on reality, 3) derived from measurable standards, and/or 4) designed to function like a public utility, allowing free productive economic activity while limiting the ability of hostile outsiders to pillage actual national value and resources, and limiting the crushing effects of debt-slavery, and 5) connected in a way that enables mutually-beneficial cross-borders trade, within and without the two primary countries.

Part of deciding what to use as the basis for the new currency is a byproduct of one or more of the following assignments below.

Three. Execute The Evil-Doers.

After, or even during the coming re-ordering, wherever they may be found within the territory of the new state, all those strategically responsible for the current demise must be arrested, speedily tried, and when convicted, executed. These walking demons deserve to be slain with long, slow torture. However, simple hangings, beheadings, or stake burnings may suffice. Their ranks include political rodents, central banksters, senior commercial banksters, senior bureaucrats, neo-rentier class looters of multiple kinds, media and academic enablers, and associated trash. Many will flee or try to; they may be hunted down later. Some few may, for a number of reasons, be spared ultimate justice, but wiping them out, to the greatest extent possible, is what they have earned and the safest course of societal action. Who, having watched his children eaten alive, would lie down and sleep next to a hungry, malevolent crocodile? (Boomers alone, one presumes).

There is much more. These are the barest starting points. And they only deal with rectifying money problems. They will, to some degree of scope and success, be undertaken by someone, somewhere. And when they are, capital and a large share of the productive population will naturally transfer or attempt to migrate to the areas that re-conform with reality first.

I will now touch on just a few of the many production-based ideas that will be necessary for the rebuilding of a functional modern society. We’ll again assume this pertains to the original CSA or some part(s) of it. Here, I request volunteers. I’d like for some of our younger academicians to research the following briefly inventoried matters. This could mean any level of a college student or merely some sixteen-year-olds with internet access. The kinds of young men who do end up studying these issues are the kinds of young men who will potentially make good future leaders or advisors. At any rate, someone needs to, within the confines of whatever we mean by our new state, reasonably estimate and map out:

Coal deposits or reserves, extraction and transportation abilities, processing, consumption, product (power) transmission, and byproduct or waste remediation – in other words, coal total “potential”;

Oil potential;

Natural gas potential;

Uranium potential;

Ground and surface water potential (for multiple purposes);

Iron, steel, aluminum, and other industrial metallics potential;

“Precious” metals and materials potential;

Rare Earth element potential;

Concrete potential

Timber potential;

Agricultural potential;

Industrial manufacturing potential (of all kinds) (we have far more of this, despite 30 years of looting, than we did in the cherished year of 1859!);

Total modern military capacity, potential, and need. Here, I’m thinking production, though combined-arms understanding and usage is equal importance;

Comprehensive demographic assessment, including labor force estimation and predictability. This should include the future necessity of trans-national resettlements, intra-national resettlements, and disposition of “problem” groups;

Total transportation availability, potential, and need;

The rebirth of higher education, matriculated exclusively via meritocracy, based on actual learning, and geared toward both the retention and expansion of general knowledge and wisdom, and to the rebuilding and growth of a post-post-modern, resource-based economy;

Assessment of required modern materials not found in appreciable quantities within the new area(s);

Potential international relations, allowing economic and cooperative integration with the Sovereign Nations while relentlessly protecting national character, composition, integrity, and interests.

There’s more, but that’s enough for now. A summary representation of what I envision might look, in a cursory format, like this: 

“There are substantial coal deposits in X, Y, and Z counties in Kentucky and West Virginia with an estimated total potential yield of X00,000,000 raw tons. The total current daily production capacity is limited to X0,000 tons. There are actionable power plants in Alabama, Georgia, and North Carolina, which, combined, require X0,000 tons per day. One of the plants needs a major filtration and slag disposal upgrade to halt current pollution levels in the air and surrounding groundwater supplies. The high-voltage transmission lines from those plants to the nominal distribution areas are sufficient, given current demand and reasonably expected near-mid-future demand. However, the six available rail lines from X, Y, and Z coal counties to the subject power plants all require moderate repairs or modifications. Needed heavy mining and rail construction equipment not available in the current domestic geographic area is commercially produced in Germany, India, China, and South Korea. Given current competition and wage losses, there is a minor deficit of available labor for these coal projects; however, overall there is a sufficient or even a surplus level of total manpower. We can and will do this! Here’s a little mathematical modeling and a white paper demonstrating how we do it!”

I thank you in advance, kids. You’re the best! Ignore the political and financial pornography on the liars’ screens, and focus on your happy, valuable future.

All, don’t neglect to read my soon-to-follow review of Mr. Filotto’s epic work of genuinely Christian apologetics, Reclaiming The Catholic Church.

And, everyone, please get over to Amazon or Shotwell and order as many copies of THE SUBSTITUTE as you may reasonably afford. Given the growing uncertainty, I suggest this is much saner investment advice than leaving your funds in any compromised bank.

Deo vindice!