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Games Without Frontiers: Balloons And Thinning The Herd


Thanks to the heroic curiosities of the Satanic States military, we are safe from the high-floating communist peril. This time it was one white (privilege?) airship. Next time it could be 99 red ones floating in the summer sky! Go ahead. Panic!!!

The fakest, gayest false flag ever. And it worked. Who knew? After all these years and all these hoaxes, all it really takes to fool the shit stupid people … is a balloon. 

It’s almost always been this way, at least for many, many decades. In 1981, CIA Director William J. Casey quipped, “We’ll know our disinformation program is a complete success when everything the American public believes is false.” Mission accomplished, Willy. If you are an American and/or a Christian, then know that your real enemies are not in China. Nor Russia. Nor Iran. Your enemies are not liberals. Nor communists. Nor yankees. They are satanists. Literal devil worshipers. Their language consists exclusively of lies. They are completely, fully, and only evil. So evil that, ignoring their copious dark works until this month, they may have artificially induced twin earthquakes in Turkey and Syria. It’s far-fetched, hard to prove, and as unlikely as not, but it is possible. And it is something they would gleefully do to please their lord. 

They could have saved a lot of money and effort if they’d used the balloon trick before. Oh, wait, they have! In addition to all the other programs for spying on the American people, the pentagram and the alphabet kids have, in fact, deployed fleets of spy balloons. Duck or Yandex around for “pentagon balloon mass surveillance” if you feel the need. But I suppose those balloons are exceptional. They keep “us” safe from [name an imaginary hobgoblin].

Of course, the Chinese dirigible was a threat! Sure, it was just a stray weather balloon. B-b-but it’s possible that it could have been secondarily rigged for a little spying. We will never know the exact truth, though it doesn’t matter at this point. Our rulers got what they wanted and needed from this idiotic incident. For starters, they once again learned that most of the people they rule will fall for anything no matter how trivial or ridiculous. And this is heading in one of two directions, with possible overlap. The minor premise is that they now have the fools searching the sky and worried about what comes out of it. That’ll be handy when the luciferians foist Marvin the Martian on the masses. He and his kind do not exist, but we’re talking about duping people with the intelligence of starfish. The major premise involves preparing the idiots for the coming hot war with China. That war will likely coincide with the war with Russia and an exciting new domestic war. Not much of the US will be left intact afterward.

If one wants to know how them thar mean ole’ commie red Chinamen conduct themselves against Clown World, then for God’s sake turn off Fox and Newsmax and READ!!! Unrestricted Warfare by Col. Qiao Liang and Col. Wang Xiangsui, PLA Lit. and Pub. (1999). There are more books, but as no one will read that one, why name any others?

Do not under any circumstances ever serve Clown World. And do not believe anything they say. This goes double for our young people. Triple for our young men. The empire is ramping up the oddest recruitment efforts now – far beyond the hype they insert into movies, TV shows, video games, and more. The cute pouty (Army Psy-Ops E4) girl on TikTok will never sleep with you. But the Chinese and/or Russians will kill you. If they are forced to. For no positive gain for you and your people. Stay away from Uncle Sucker’s death machine.

Our satanic enemies briefly controlled Russia, before being violently rejected. They accordingly hate Russia and would happily have Americans fight Russians. The same goes for China, the country that the luciferians chose as their next host servant country and from which they were unceremoniously barred from invading. They’re trapped, desperate, and willing to burn down the entire world in the flames of their malice. Their previous success in the US has led to some of their current hardships. They need Americans as shock troops, but they have weakened and diluted Americans horrifically. 

For those worried about an invasion from, say, China, where have they been? The former US now hosts over 5 million Chinese, among over 20 million Asians. On a quick inventory, there are over 145 million foreigners living everywhere from Florida to Maine to California.

It’s getting worse and will continue to get worse. People of Caucasian European heritage, which is not necessarily the same thing as the American People, are diminishing at a startling rate. With a few adjustments to the reported 2020 Census numbers, there are approximately 185 million White Europeans. This is about where we were in the late 1980s, even as the total US population has increased by over 80 million people since – the gift of 1965! That means the US, what’s left, was only about 55-56% White, as of 2020. Things have been deteriorating fast, so we’re probably now south of 55% and heading below 50% by the end of this decade. It’s hard to say, but (original) definitional Americans are now probably only 25% of the total population, a minority in their own homeland.

I removed a little more demographic discussion. You’re welcome! Know that the enemy always has more plans, which may or may not see the dark of night. One is to rapidly double the US population. If that happened (and it probably won’t), then housing prices could be expected to double (or more) and wages could be halved (or worse). It is probably too late for them to commit that particular atrocity. However, sufficient damage has already been inflicted. The character of the country has changed, and the American nation has been subsumed. 

Those who dream about magically resetting the USA to where it was in 1950 or 1850, and those who dream about a renewed CSA, exactly as it was in 1862, may as well keep dreaming. Their imagination in no way aligns with reality. The clarifying processes will be harsh, but they will present new opportunities to the survivors. Most people, even the more intelligent ones, are simply unwilling or unable to contemplate any of this today. The outliers must keep planning, keep the plans malleable, keep the Faith, have a little fun with the situation, and under no circumstances ever serve or fear our enemies. 

Let’s end with a little musical fun! Back to the balloon, we were warned 40 years ago:

Here’s a more recent live rendition, with Nena proving that even if you take the German girl out of the 1980s, you cannot take the cute out of the German girl:

Petra et volvunt?

Deo vindice!