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Dr. Roberts gets it right as usual. With the right questions.

Try to think of something the government has told the truth about. Tonkin Gulf? Ruby Ridge? Waco? Oklahoma City Bombing? 9/11? Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction? Assad’s use of chemical weapons? Gaddafi? Russiagate? January 6 insurrection? Covid? Covid vaccine? Ukraine? Malaysian airliner? Find one thing that was true.

All the government’s lies, parroted by the presstitutes, are designed to advance secret agendas. The people are brainwashed with lies so that they go along with the agendas. That is the way the US government functions. There is no longer an American media. Just an indoctrination ministry. Only official narratives please. All else is misinformation.

We’ll have even more, a little more about this in this week’s column. Stay tuned.