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Now that the GOP is firmly back in control of Kongress barely controls the House, things will get moving. Just you wait and see!

As they now control the House, barely, they will be in charge of the budget. That means they can reign in the corruption by completely killing spending. No debt ceiling raise. No – ZERO – money for the DOJ, Treasury, Pentagram, etc. Without fake money to operate, the agencies can’t.

None of that, of course, will happen. But the cucks do have a fairly decent-looking plan for investigating the many and obvious crimes of the fake president and his family of degenerates. Read all about it!

When that inevitably fails, a very few more ‘Muricans will see the light. This thing is headed in one direction and the breaks long ago failed.

Thomas Dalton drops the big “S” word in a very good article.

The Only Option

Fortunately, we do have a revolutionary option: secession. As MacDonald and others are openly stating, secession is now perhaps our only viable alternative. For myself, I have been advocating such a thing for literally 30 years now; it was clear to me, long ago, that no nation as large and diverse as the USA could be rationally governed. And worse, that the size and complexity of modern America ensured that malevolent actors would inevitably gain the upper hand—as indeed they have. I argued this position long ago, and nothing since has made me alter my view. A breakup of the USA is the only option if we want accountable, responsible, and reasonably non-corrupt government.

His title is a question: Hey, Red States: Ready for Secession Yet?

The answer, right now, is a sad, muffled, half-hearted “no.” Here’s to hoping that changes. It is, as he argues, the only solution if any Americans want to continue with anything even vaguely approximating America.