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Kherson? Or Curse On? 

A Very Few Lessons From The Greater Global Conflict – With a ‘Hello’ from the Author

*This column is specially geared towards the audience at Reckonin’ where this one first ran. I imagine others will enjoy it. Reckonin’ link.

Hello, Reckoneers. My name is Perrin and I have a writing problem. I’m back for round two. Apologies. Our lovely and talented hostess, editor, and publisher, the incredible Mrs. Anne, asked me to include a little introductory blurb herewith. So, not one to miss an opportunity to poorly self-aggrandize, I oblige.

What a fine outfit we have around here! I’m pleased as a ham bone in a juke joint. You, dear readers, are the cream of the interwebs crop! And what heavy hitters in the line-up! Mrs. Anne, Dr. Wilson, the esteemed Coot, er, Paul Graham, and all the rest. Some in the roster are familiar to me, and the rest are friends I just haven’t met yet. *In-draft Update: I met one of them, Walt, via comments!* I also could not help but notice that you have … Ilana Mercer. Wow! Mrs. Mercer, in the words of P.I. Tchaikovsky, “you rock.”

A little about me? I am very proud of my edukashun, having graduated from the experimental preschool on the campus of the SEC university where my father taught psychometrics. My alma mater featured a sandbox full of rice and the joint was operated by attractive coeds. Much has changed over the ensuing eons. I went places and did things. The little preschool house is now the university student writing center. That’s humorously ironic, considering what me does this daze.

I started with fiction rather late, though if asked, I deem myself a romancier or auteur de fiction. That sounds better than some alternatives. The Substitute, as fine a book as any, will be rereleased by Shotwell very soon (free some room on the credit cards). There are some short stories, a micro novelette, and a few non-fiction books scattered about. More is coming, much more. I love imaginative writing because I can prevaricate with ease, um, I mean engage both the minds and the hearts of my beloved readers. Personal emotional investment, and so forth. 

Over the past twenty-one years, my columns, essays, short stories, and other scribblings have appeared at various small, unsung outlets, some of which are no longer with us. Until The Piedmont Chronicles decided to “return to its roots,” I was the C.F. Floyd Writer of National Affairs. Since 2016, I’ve written, edited, published, and generally agitated for Freedom Prepper. I also branched into the podcasting world with the Prepper Post News

I write about whatever interests me. For a better sense of what I think on a given topic, go to my blog, www.perrinlovett.me, and search among the 5,000+ assorted ramblings. My views tend to skew a little unique, generally tracking Christian, nationalistic, aloof, right-wing Western traditional, satirical, and some other adjectives. Writer’s block is unknown to me. Instead, I usually suffer from writer’s jam, whereby so many ideas flood into my muddled mind that it’s hard to select just one of them to work on. It doesn’t help if what I pick is a fluid subject that keeps washing around. So it is today. I’m now shifting gears to smoothly meld the foregoing tripe with fluid, washing current affairs and some nebulous future probabilities. Consider the following a creative synthesis, wherein I hopefully blend my intro, especially some of my preexisting correspondence, into something useful for this audience, all via some very recent events in Kherson and Poland that give me something to focus on. I’m doing this by way of sub-headers because my original draft came to life and stormed out of the castle. Here we go.

I mentioned my preppers. Southerners and preppers have a lot of overlap, so the following is a natural extension for me, and I hope it works. All year, I’ve advised my valiant prepper audience to watch the Russian SMO as carefully as possible. That means generally disregarding anything the MSM and Brandon’s handlers say. 


We live in Clown World, where truth is presented as lies and lies as truth.

Gekaufte Journalisten

That header is also a link to a book, a very important book. Sorry, but it’s in German. The English translation disappeared one day because of censorship. The late Udo Ulfkotte described, with copious examples, how the secret police and deep state of most nations manufacture the news out of thin air. His personal experience during the Iran-Iraq War was on display again as recently as the run-up to the Empire’s assassination of Qasem Soleimani. If they’re reporting something important, they’re lying. A good heuristic is to assume the truth is the opposite of whatever the MSM talking heads say. Other, more honest sources are available. As for our SMO topic and other geopolitical issues, try: here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here. There are others. With the right information, the intelligent observer has a golden opportunity, because the SMO is an updated version of the show that played out previously in Yugoslavia, Rwanda, and the Confederate States. 

Przewodów and Kherson

In 2020, I cobbled together Get Out!, a guide of sorts aimed at helping innocent young Americans escape the now-in-progress terminal collapse of the US empire. Admittedly, I got a few things wrong. For instance, while I knew about tensions, I did not fully comprehend that the simmering war between the Sino-Russian alliance and the WereWest was about to go hot. I went virtually all-in on the Polish option. I did not count on Poland going full retard, with much of the Continent along for the ride. We just had another idiotic false flag attempt in, of course, Poland. The narrative immediately collapsed, but we were supposed to believe the Russians, who allegedly ran out of missiles over the summer, attacked a rural barn using 5V55K missiles from an antiquated 1970s Ukie S-300 battery. My head was already spinning and the stupid MI6 scriptwriters dropped that kind of nonsense.

To make up for my previous errors, all this year I’ve tried to exercise patience and restraint as the SMO and the greater conflict unfolded. Last week’s strategic withdrawal of the MOD from Kherson provided a great example of what to watch for and how to process what one sees. The move was strategic, rather than tactical, because it was obviously pre-planned and it serves a greater overall agenda. For its part, the mainstream fib machine has maintained a steady stream of lies, projection, and stupidly incompetent propaganda. Pentagram and Marlborough Lines tinhorns predicted the removal would take weeks. It was over the next day – because it was planned weeks in advance. 

Think about it. The NATO-Nazis are openly murmuring belligerence about a dirty bomb, a coalition invasion, and more, all while committing wanton terrorism everywhere, and trying hard to collapse a major dam. They’ve bet the farm, material and manpower-wise, on the latest and greatest counter-offensive ever. This, we are told (for about the 73rd time), is the game-changer. It’s not, of course. The city was already mostly evacuated. Defensive lines east and south are solidly entrenched. Moscow holds the Ukrainian national circuit breaker at the tip of a Kinzhal. The current ground conditions make it difficult to move trucks and tanks around quickly. Winter, hard ground, depleted NATO stockpiles, and, very sadly, many more dead Ukie-NATO men are just around the corner. Why risk anything over an empty town and emptier fields when the whole area can serve as yet another cauldron trap while allowing simultaneous grinding advances elsewhere? Remember, Russia is ramping up a major surprise for the winter months. One step backward, three steps forward. Slowly.

The Russian Way of War

All year, the entire SMO has gone along those lines. And it has frustrated many Western observers. We have become accustomed to the smashing, lightning victories in places like Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen, Somalia, and about half the other countries of the world. Rather, we’ve become accustomed to the lies about those ill-advised adventures as told by the media and the government. None of us have ever seen real, combined-arms warfare properly executed. The Russian way is not the WereWestern way. Fake Western warfare ultimately does not work, even against comparatively unarmed opponents like the Taliban. Southerners, take note of what you just read! 

And for Russia, the SMO is less a war and more a hostage rescue, with a little existential emergency thrown in for effect. Them mean old Ruskies have fought this same scenario many times over the past several hundred years. Since WW2, their Great Patriotic War, they’ve liberated something like 1,500 cities. They know what they’re doing, and their neo-Clausewitzian, integrated, modern maneuver warfare works and wins. From the outside, it just requires a little understanding and patience. A grand start in understanding the phenomenon is reading The Russian Way of War by Lester Grau and Charles Bartles – I hope that link to the Yankee Army works. Again, this is a starting point for structural comparison, and not anything approaching in-the-know plans about specific operations.

There is a lot to learn about the history of the NATO-Russian conflict (which is far from limited to Ukraine). There’s more to learn about the overall global conflict and bifurcation too. Some of the lessons might be applicable in the West sooner than many would care to think. I do not believe, or do not want to believe the current struggle will go the H-bomb distance. I wouldn’t be surprised if it did, but I don’t want to believe it’s a real possibility yet. However, it wouldn’t have to go all the way to get very ugly. Make no mistake, the insane, evil, and rather stupid descendants of Leon Trotsky, the neo-cons, or whatever one calls them, those who now rule the falling West, are hell-bent on a war they can’t win. While they hate Russia with a white-hot passion, they only hate China, Iran, [fill in as many blanks as one likes] a little less. One should certainly add “us” to the list because even as they rob and oppress us, they hate us. They won’t mind at all if our sons and daughters die on their vain, wicked behalf.

Just sending NATO forces to Odessa, or trying to, because none of them would make it, or peppering Crimea with Tommy-hawks could suffice to kick Russia into overdrive. They’re going slow and easy in Donbass, Kherson, and Zaporizhzhya because the people there are Russians. Again, they’re rescuing their own hostage kin. They don’t even want to harm any more kissing cousin Ukrainians than NATO forces them to. But if they are attacked by hostile foreigners who want to carve Russia into smaller slave states and eradicate the Russian people, then bar the door.

I keep telling anyone who will listen that the Russians are not the Taliban. Moscow is not Tripoli. Putin is not Saddam. The USSA and its NATO puppets rely on massive air power against essentially defenseless opponents. Russia has the best air defense network on earth, literally a generation or more ahead of anyone else. Uncle Sucker’s military over-relies on satellite GPS and ISR when attacking helpless civilians. One false move or false flag and Moscow can blind Washington, MacDill, Bude, etc. Lincoln’s legacy counts on keeping all fire one-way and in theater. Our insane, devil-worshiping leaders now stare down an enemy who can obliterate anything anywhere on the planet, with or without nukes, in less than half an hour. Putin promised any and all interlopers “consequences like [they] have never seen in [their] history.” I think he meant it. And again, this conflict is global. Russia ain’t alone. 

Foreign Lessons for Domestic Disturbance

Even assuming that greater conflict stays confined out in the wider world, the odds are more likely than not that the former USA is in serious trouble. Mathematically assessed, things are going to give, probably by the end of this decade. What’s happening in Ukraine may well be the last classroom demonstration before the big test here. Ergo, pay attention to what you can. Here, I originally listed some common scenarios and responses. I took them out for reasons. Somewhere – I cannot recall exactly, maybe it’s multiple spots – there are breakdowns of how, say, the Yugoslavian Civil War and attendant NATO atrocities give a preview of what’s possibly to come. We’ll get to that another day. 

Know that Ukraine is, or was a modern country not entirely dissimilar from what’s left of America. They even have simmering tribal issues, a BS media, foreign controllers, a fake president, and rigged elections. One thing that I’ve been repeating all year is that it might be very beneficial to pick a town or area in the current war that approximates where one lives in America and watch what happens in the proxy. To be on the safe side, imagine your pre-existing conditions are as bad or worse than those in, say, Lviv or Kharkov. Speaking of Kharkov, Gonzalo Lira, one of the “here” links, above, is in the city and has been reporting what life is like on the knife’s edge when the lights go out and the sirens wail. Pay attention. Watch, learn, extrapolate, come to grips, and prepare. 

In parting, hoping I haven’t frightened anyone, I’ll leave you with a great sense of optimism. It is possible that, as I sketched last week, there could be a peaceful parting of ways. Whether or not, on the macro or micro level, watch what our tiny, degenerate overlords are doing these days. Their whole empire of lies is flying apart around them. They know it and they’re desperate. They wage war against everyone, securing victory against no one. They lash out like a mortally wounded animal, cornered and out of time. Americans, Southerners in particular, though they howl louder than ever, our enemies have never been weaker.

Deo vindice!