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I’m vaguely aware that there are still a few people who think there will be an election in 2024. If that’s you, please call me about a nice bridge!

As the age of politics is over, this nonsense about Orange Man v Gov. No-Woke is misplaced. However, even if it were not, then DeSantis would be a non-starter. In 2019, he illegally signed the illegal HB 741, which suppressed the rights of Floridians and showed DeSantis’s allegiance is not to America.

Now, there are allegations that he watched and committed war crimes against terrorism victims during his stay at the evil empire’s torture base in Cuba. I only scanned the transcript; others may watch this:

If you’re looking for a Zionist shill who might be a war criminal and who still thinks Floridians should send their children to fake, gay “schools,” then he might be your man. No American or other Westerner or Christian should support him.

PS: Orange Man’s day is over. He’s not the guy either.

PPS: None of this matters, because the age of politics is over. The age of rope and fire approaches.

UPDATE: If the Push Broom backs him, then beware.