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Mortem Universitatis Magistrorum et Scolarium


Greetings, intrepid reader. Here, we have another slightly discombobulated essay on a few things. It’s really not too shabby, come to think about it. I reworked it a few times; the happy, good news is at the end. It’s very good. The first little bit is not, though it is and has been expected. And deserved.

Economic Ragnarok is here.

This was going to be the primary focus, today, but I just don’t have the heart this week. Therefore, just know that the portion of the now bifurcated global economy in and related to the fallen West is collapsing. The crash is here (great read). That’s why 60%(!) of ‘Muricans are working, yet broke. Even the UN is panicking and pleading with the banksters to stop the slaughter. Know that expecting the usurers and their idiot political allies to fix the mess they made is like expecting the drunk driver to resurrect the pedestrian he’s just run over and killed – except the drunk probably didn’t kill out of malice. The big money strategists are now recommending … prayer. I’ve been recommending the same for some time; I’ve also been pointing out the inescapable nature of what’s in progress now. For instance, over three years ago I noted the frantic efforts to save the banks (again). Part of the Covid warfare involved a cover-up and worsening of the pre-existing financial crisis. 

As I stated, I just don’t have the energy for that, today; the horse has tired of its beatings. Interestingly enough, my blog post before that last linked column, from September 2019, was about the “end of education.” I decided to run with that theme again, here and now. Today’s work is closely related to my post this past Saturday, Schools Cause Ignorance. If you’re keeping track, that one was education article number 391. This is, of course, number 392.

Say goodbye to the American university.

Universities are or were, among a few other things, places where competent professionals received training and education. Professionals like doctors. Imagine going to a doctor in the near future. Imagine that the doctor had failed basic biological chemistry. Imagine that, because it’s right around the dystopian corner.

Carlos Slim’s Old Gray Blog (NYT) reports that a horde of potential physicians at NYU just flunked organic chemistry. That’s the kind of chemistry that deals with living organisms and is thus a basis for modern medicine. It might be kind of important that your doctor understand, at a decent level, how an organic or inorganic compound might or might not affect your body. Important if you want to stay alive, that is.

Professor Maitland Jones is a living legend in the world of academia. He taught bio-chemistry at Princeton for years before retiring. He was a rather popular teacher. He literally wrote the textbook on the subject. One might suspect he knows what he’s teaching. NYU suspected as much and hired him out of retirement in 2007. Things initially went well. The NYT article notes that around ten years ago Jones noticed a change for the worse in his students. Simply put, they began to perform at something below the higher level expected in college. And, around the time of the fake pandemic, he observed an outright collapse in student intellect and skill. 

He took what evasive measures he could. There really isn’t a way to properly “dumb down” chemistry without destroying it, and Jones’s old-fashioned methods had served him (and his previous classes) very well. Whatever he did, it wasn’t enough – because it wasn’t his fault, a problem perhaps beyond one man’s ability to solve. The student complaints against his methodology and their own poor results essentially amounted to, “it’s tooooo hard, me no like! Unfair!” 

Despite his attempts to soften a harder science for the new generation, something gave at the end of Jones’s final term at NYU. A slew of his students failed the course. Some of them, on some assignments, earned solid “zero” grades. How that’s possible is anyone’s guess. But do remember many of these kids want to be doctors. 

NYU did the courageous thing and instituted emergency remedial training for the current students while also galvanizing admissions standards for future students. Oops, no – they just erased all the F grades and fired Jones. 

Don’t feel bad for Jones. He’s in his eighties. He retired once and now is happy retiring again. He did his part. Feel bad for society. NYU’s actions – and rest assured they are not limited to one course at the one school – are part and large parcel of the academic fraud I’ve written about nearly 400 times now. In today’s twist, this fraud may meet you in an ER examining room one dark night, probably asking you to breathe deeply while holding a stethoscope to your forehead or the table.

This year, undergraduate tuition at NYU is about $55,000 per year. Yes, that is up about 10,000%(!!!) from 1952, but of course, we know salaries have risen accordingly… If you become a doctor after graduating NYU, then your salary might really and truly keep pace with the inflation (otherwise, TFB). If you go the med school route, at NYU’s Grossman, or Harvard, or somewhere, you’ll need the money as you will likely graduate owing a million fake, nonexistent dollars to Shylock. You’ll need to repay that, whether you understand cellular absorption of oxygen or not. Fraud upon fraud upon decline.

What changed in the student body? Well, many things. For starters, the student body changed. As recently as 1993, students at NYU were 80% White Americans. When Jones started in 2007 the percentage had fallen to just below 50%. His ten year observation of declining performance oddly corresponded with a further, rapid drop or change in the demographics. The “off the cliff” as he put it, over the past two years, might have something to do with Heritage Americans descending to roughly one-fifth of the studentry. This may or may not explain things.

Whoever these kids are, they’re allegedly the kind of “smart” high schoolers who get the “good” grades so as to attend “good” schools like NYU in pursuit of the “good” jobs. Ask a Boomer about how all that works. 

One would assume the kids in Jones’s former classes had excelled at AP, honors, or joint-enrollment STEM classes in high school. One might also assume that, especially with these “smart” kids, their learning was cumulative. Then again, as I noted last Saturday, assumptions are bullshit and the schools, K-12 through college, are anti-cumulative and force negative learning.

These young people, regardless of exactly who or what else they might be, are members of the iPhone generation, with the shortened attention spans and so forth. It’s not just gizmos at work; some many things, processes, and phenomena have rendered vast numbers of several US (and Western) generations literally unable to think. It’s not that they’re not educated. It’s not that no one taught them to think logically. They, many of them, cannot think. Period. This is real, and it is one of the many hard realities of the post-modern age; people today are generally mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically less capable and more damaged than previous generations. This is, to put it mildly, not good.

America’s decades-long experiment in dysgenics is yielding its sad, rotten fruit. I think this is a part of what Brandon was bragging about the other day, about diffusing the hell out of the population. For the benefits. Benefits like a budding MD who can barely read or add or think in a language.

This is, among other things, more evidence of the ten-point drop in average IQ over the past seventy years. Chant: USA! USA! USA! Just don’t ask a Zoomer education victim to explain what those letters stand for.

Yesterday might have been the time to locate and retain a young, competent doctor. In almost all areas, we have now entered the “it’s over” phase. Hopefully, it won’t last that long; but while it does endure, it will be rough.

Now, finally, some very good news! Way back in May, if one can remember that far, I announced that I had finally purchased a box of Goodles. Over the weekend, I got around to eating them. They were the perfect accompaniment for grilled venison backstrap.

It’s all true, listen to GG:

I’m not a food critic. And I come from the South, where charmingly obese women can home cook Mac n’ Cheese like nobody’s business. If you know, then you know – cardiac event, greasy, cheesy good. My bowl of Mover & Shaker was not that. However, I can safely declare and attest that it is by far the best boxed Mac I have ever had. 100% A+ Outstanding! The cheese factor was around 10 (by ordinary standards – a little lower in the be-larded old CSA), and the taste was uniquely wonderful, mildly spicy and rich. Then there’s the heightened nutritional values – and it does not come off, in the least, like “health” food.

Congratulations and thanks to Gal Gadot and the Goodles team. Buy some today. I highly recommend it, especially at the low and reasonable price. For reasons – see the above links – low and reasonable prices are now a most important consideration.