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Watch, listen, and think as another “anti-semitic” Jew explains what’s really going on in Palestine. This video report got Ms. Halper canceled and fired from The Hill(el?):


  • If you can’t get past the “progressive” presentation, then you are simply retarded.
  • The word and concept of “apartheid,” or rather, what some posit in its stead, is not necessarily incompatible with real, legitimate nationalism. That, however, is largely not the case in modern Palestine/Israel.
  • Pay attention, ‘Muricans, to the UN/ICC definitions and language about the “right to a Nation,” etc. You may well be living under a form of apartheid yourselves. Against you. In your nation.
  • Jonathan Greenblatt’s ADL was literally built to honor a convicted child rapist and murderer, who exemplified one of Maimonides’s worst Talmudic “values”.
  • If you’re uncomfortable with soldiers beating (and killing) children, as seen in this and many other videos, then you should be – you pay for it. If you’re not, then you are a wicked heathen.
  • So, as for Halper, what about muh free speech and muh constitution, et al?

In unrelated news, Russian real, whole process democracy works a lot faster than the fake version in the Werewest.