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Moving on Down the X-Axis: a Timeline of American History


Howdy, friends! Today’s little column kind is a history lesson of sorts, one that tries to make sense of where we Americans are at the dawn of autumn 2022. I’m still not sure about my title, but I done made me a nice little outline and I’m about to fill it in. This will either be brilliant, or it will become a mess. It might be both. Let’s see what happens.1

*Part of this comes from a brief outline I posted in a FPC forum, 2/10/21.


A diverse group of Judeo-Christian immigrants kicked off a grand proposition against the varied leadership of the world and not merely against King George III of England. X = 0, a starting point, starting with sarcasm, etc.


Christian English American men adopted the Articles of Confederation (AOC) in order to promote and defend the sovereign American States.


Delegates from the several States gathered specifically to make minor adjustments to the AOC. Things went awry.


The traitors delegates instead alchemized the genesis of a way-too-strong and centralized superstate with something called the United States Constitution. The States stupidly pre-relegated themselves into obsolescence by ratifying this thing. Thus began what I termed “America 1.0, Constitutional/Republican America (1789 – 1865).” I deemed this state “good,” meaning it was good enough in comparison to the “best” of the AOC and to today’s … whatever this is.


Here, muh Constitution lovers, came your precious Bill of Rights, added as an afterthought to appease a few wise and prophetic Federalists. All of these rights have since been infringed.


I previously called this the birth of “America 2.0, the American Republican Empire (1865-1913).” I noted it was “not as good, but doable.” I realize the turning point could easily be placed in 1861. From 1861 and 1865 we had some unpleasantness. The States – all of them – lost much. To my Russian friends, I sadly note that your Tsar was one of the only (if not the only) world leaders who picked the very-wrong side of Abradamn Lincoln; your country verbally supported the proto-Nazi imperialism that steadily morphed into the current monster you rightly complain about. Oops. Honest mistake. Could have been made by anyone. And it was, honestly, 160 years in the past. 

To my neo-Confederate friends, I note that this sad episode is 160 years in the past. That was then, this is now, and we are moving forwards.


The year the libertarians fixate on, with some good reason. What a year! I wrote this was the beginning of “America 3.0, the Early US Empire (1913-1941),” with “reversible damage done.” The damage was reversible because the United States was still American. But what damage: the Federal Reserve, the income tax, and the democratization of Senate elections – bad, bad, and bad. Around the same time, we also got the State military-stripping Dick Act (1903) and the democracy-suiciding Nineteenth Amendment (1920). 

And more. The three “Ds” of US decline are demographics, democracy, and debt. During this period, the demographics, which could have been a little better, still held positively. The democracy, which had been growing malignantly, got a terrible boost. And the debt, long silent and irrelevant, made a dashing comeback.


December 7, 1941, a day that will live in infamy … and allow all kinds of imperial expansion and power grabbing. So began America 3.1, the Middle US Empire (1941-1965). As I noted, even as much, much more damage was done, it was still reversible. Debt and democracy worsened, year-by-year.


Here, we come to America 3:2: the Late US Empire (1965 ~ 2033(?)(est.)). In this age, democracy and debt have reached almost-comical nightmare proportions, and the demographics underwent a terminal change for the disastrous worse.

Peak America, the social, cultural, and economic height of the American nation, of the American People, came sometime around 1960 to 1965. We’ll say it was in 1965, because the decline always starts at the apex and that was the year the worthless shit LBJ signed off on the Hart-Celler Act of Doom. From that point on, the very character of the US was intentionally and maliciously degraded. 

Boomers: the reason everyone hates you with such passion and intensity is that you came of age during this peak prosperity, milked it for all it was worth, did nothing as the decline unfolded, murdered hordes of future children while sucking up every available resource, gave the worst possible advice to the survivors of your abortion genocide while stacking the deck against them, and, dare to blame everyone but yourselves for your failures while, at the same time, continuing to boom about just how fucking great and special you really are. Doctor, pillow. Statim!

During the 1970s, the ramifications of 1965 started to manifest. However, as things still mostly looked the same as always, and most people were under some form of ether, the doomsayers, right as they were, were generally written off as cranks, racists, and conspiracy theorists. From about 1970 to 1980, had substantial action been undertaken, things could have been fixed. Generic conservatives are still stuck in this period, thinking that just a little “law and order” and “putting the foot down” restore the old republic. They’re fifty years out of date, but at least they’re still on the timeline; others, like most libertarians, operate in an alternative reality where saying things like “marijuana” and “liberty” is all that’s magically required. 

From 1980, when the actor was selected to continue the charades, until 1989-90, believe it or not(!), but your author thinks the damage was still reversible. By this time, emergency action was needed. Emergency as in military intervention emergency. Dire. And really, really needed. And nothing of the sort happened. 

The Empire itself probably peaked, military power-wise, in or around 1989, when the Dark State’s own man was selected. The Cold War, as useless as most, was essentially won. Instead of turning greatly-needed attention to the domestic demise – which still looked rather like the good old US of A(!) – the wicked servants of satan turned up the pain dial every chance they had (or could think to make). Instead of reaching out to the Russians in friendship and forging a happy new age, they did the opposite. Pat Buchanan is a little off when he says the neocons slapped the outstretched hand of Russia away. They took it, lied to Moscow, and sent in the financiers with the intention of destroying Russia by looting every last thing of value. Putin, love him or loathe him, was the response; once it was realized what Yeltsin had drunkenly stumbled into, the great Bear reversed course with a harsh eye towards the West.

During the 1990s, while the robber barons scoured Russia for treasure, leaving degeneracy in their wake, their American agents missed opportunity after opportunity to right the American ship. From, say, 1990 onwards, the decline became increasingly extreme and the chances of successfully reversing, or even halting the decline began to lessen.

On or about the time of the Dark State’s election of 2000 and the ensuing Court nonsense, the chances of pulling out reached the fifty-fifty mark. Thereafter, each passing year and low-point saw the odds of success diminish. 

The crash of 2008 and the Great Recession was a grand example of squandered opportunity. Rather than fix anything, the powers that be simply made everything worse. At the same time, as to the military decline, all of the Sandbox foreign adventurism and war was merely the spectacular dying gasps of an Empire in advanced decline. On the homefront – looking at you, Patriot Act – those sacred afterthought rights were unceremoniously laid to rest.

At some point during this period, likely after 2000, the aesthetics caught up with reality: the decline became visible and the US ceased to look overtly American. All the while, the evil among us told us this was all good, that each degradation was some wonderful benefit we really hadn’t lived well without in the past. Inching closer to the current day and year, many still stupidly believe the lies – though fewer as things start to burn.


Here, in my 2021 outline, I denoted: “America 3.2a, Final phase of US(SA) Empire in rapid, terminal decline 2020/1 ~ 2033 (est) [4th/5th Gen Civil War smoldering, collapse unstoppable].”

I’ll go ahead and call it: the beginning of the final end came between the failed election of November 2020 and the institution of the fake regime of January 2021. By this time, our chances of saving ourselves had dropped into the low single digits, all hanging on the shoulders of a bloviating real estate salesman, who, I reiterate, was not what we needed but was still better than we deserved. Orange Man, I think, really meant well, but he failed. When he Tweeted away into history, on or about Noon on January 20, 2021, all hope of restoration vanished. The collapse, hard in progress and not some future specter, truly became unstoppable. It doesn’t even hurt to write this: America is over. Dead.

Yes! If someone, say, yours truly, was given unfettered control of the police and the military, and the police and military obeyed and acted as necessary, he could probably pull off a post-hoc miracle. However, the destruction would be so extreme that the alternative, riding out the storm, is the only genuine option left.

How’s that ride going? Grim. Trump’s 2021 acceptance of false defeat was viewed by many, perhaps your author included, as his greatest accomplishment, by which he demonstrated to all and sundry that the political age is over and the entire establishment is corrupt. This message evidently has not been received by large portions of the dull-witted population. Understand that from here on out, your votes mean nothing in national elections, almost all state elections, and possibly most local elections. It’s the age of real, i.e. identity politics. Here follow a few recent examples of how that works in the real world:

People coast to coast are still up in rhetorical arms about CRT and trans faggotry in their children’s government prison camps (schools [SIC]). Yet, they still keep sending the kids to the camps. Abusing your children while whining about someone else’s abuse isn’t a solution – it’s double abuse. Wake up.

The CRT and tranny-ism is even worse in college. And there are few if any benefits to college anymore. Yet, the same morons still insist the kids go to college, even if it means a pile of crushing, illegal, fraudulent, immoral, murderous fake debt they can’t pay off. This prevents them form forging new families and continuing society. Instead of helping, the same retards (die, Boomers!) babble about contracts, grit, how great the retards were, and how lazy the kids are.

I haven’t heard one yet, but I imagine some Boomer-Con fool has learned about the illegal invaders booted out of Martha’s Vineyard , and yelled, “see, them dumb-o-crats are the real racists!” Yeah, dummy, to their great NIMBY credit. Imagine if all Americans had been that “racist” all along. This column wouldn’t be necessary.

While some have been whooping about HIMARS counter-offences in Ukraine, cheering their running back, or vowing to vote for a bipolar, wife-threatening running back, collapsed Jackson, Mississippi has no drinking water. This is a direct product of, not politics, but identity. For eons, the place now know as Jackson was a forest next to a river. White Europeans arrived and built a European city. Now, majority Africans are turning that city into an African village. People behave and live the way they want to and the way their cultures dictate appropriate. See also Detroit, Flynt, Camden, Newark, et cetera, et cetera, etc. The map is becoming a listing of graves.

I saw a meme just the other day that says it all, as memes sometimes do: “America is a corpse being consumed by maggots. Liberals are rooting for the maggots. Conservatives are rooting for the corpse.” In a purely physical sense, that kind of tells you who is more sane: one wants the rotting body consumed and de-putrefied as fast as possible. In the metaphorical sense, the meaning is clear: these wicked idiots are, at best, all living in the dead and gone past. I suppose we should note that the libertarians have not been heard from lately; at last report, they were circling the planet Voluntarist Non-aggression. Probably circling while high.

The dying or dead, collapsed empire is still somewhat dangerous. But it is increasingly irrelevant. The rest of the world is moving on. Russia and China, with the less-powerful sovereign nations behind them, are starting to operate as if we simply aren’t here anymore – even as they clear out the last vestiges of our wayward international interference. 

Our European Satrapies are in a world of (self-inflicted and US-inflicted) hurt. But they will probably weather the conditions and, someday, hopefully, emerge intact and ready to rejoin the civilized world. 

One wonders if remnant Americans and the other peoples now resident between Canada and Mexico want to move on, or are even capable of moving on. I think the other folks, after some egregious violence – it’s going to be BAD – probably do, are, and will. 

If the survivors of the American Posterity (if any) are to do the same, then they will first have to survive, and then wake up and dispense with the magical, retarded thinking. The election coming this November, and the one in 2024 (if allowed) will mean absolutely nothing. Vote if it makes your dim-mind and heart glad, but know you will have years of real toilsome work to do.


I called this phase, yet to be seen, “America 4.0, Post-US (~2033-).” I wrote, “ hang on to something, pray, prepare to rebuild.” To that unknown end, and to end this write-up, I link to last summer’s Survival Tips for the End of the United States. It’s not too early to get started. 

1: I could clean this up a bit, but there’s no time at the moment. Take it or leave it. As the US collapses in idiocy, Russia is standing up and fighting for civilization.