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Some Survival Tips for the End of the United States


This column was originally entitled Break It Up! and it was supposed to be a prediction of how things might look, in that increasingly strange land between Mexico and Canada in a decade or three. The prompting genesis of that idea, frequently on my mind anyway, was this article about a five-state solution to the current disintegration. I found the breakdown, as presented, a little simplistic, though I was more than happy that some people are beginning to notice the inevitable reality. This being an identity-based phenomenon more than or as much as anything else, these maps might be of some use to the aware among us.

I scrapped the chore of near-future geopolitical speculation because it is virtually impossible to predict what is going to happen with any degree of precision. It’s also nearly impossible to approximate what is going to come of it. My guess is that half the people in the country today cannot understand what I’ve just written. I suspect that half of the other half would willfully refuse to understand. Half of that half will most likely continue to deny anything is wrong even when their own neighborhood is being actively bombed. Oh, well. Defeat and becoming a casualty aren’t just options, they’re the default options.

Because something is occurring, and because I’d like to see as many people as possible survive it, here are some points and suggestions I think are helpful irrespective of the exact circumstances of the final decline and fall. What the informed, decent individual can do ranges somewhere between “not much” and “more than one would think.” Here goes:

It is going to happen. It’s already started. It cannot be stopped. It has been in progress at least as long as I have been alive. It is inescapable.

There will be war. There didn’t have to be, there does now. It’s already in progress. It’s going to get bad. VERY bad. I’ve seen fatality estimates, well-reasoned and very reasonable, from 33% to 67% of the current population, with outlier predictions of 10% and 90%. B-A-D, bad. But, as one cannot know the mathematics of the uncertain, one should simply concentrate on being part of the survivors’ percentage, whatever that works out to be.

Diversity + Proximity = War. This war will feature more than two sides. But, as everyone loves binary presentation, think of it as Christians vs satanists, or if one likes, Nationalists vs globalists. This will be more of a Balkans-style free-for-all as opposed to a convenient North and South clash at the lines. 

Whatever happens, if you’re over forty, maybe thirty, maybe even twenty, you helped cause it. Some, of course, did much more than others. A fine job, folks.

The order of societal importance is: Identity > Culture > Politics. 

“Nation” is not and never has been and never will be the same as “state.” Certainly from 1776, onwards, this was implicitly understood. The understanding was subsequently muddled and then lost. Next, the nation was lost, subsumed into something else. Now, the state is collapsing. Thus, this column. One should not beat himself up about this as it appears to be a universal human cycle – we’re just in the difficult phase at the bottom of the circle. With the right actions, however, our children’s children may get to experience the happiness of a rising position on the wheel.

Get. Out. Of. The. Cities. As much and as far as possible. It’s a numbers game; the more people around, the more chance something will transpire. Recall that upon the collapse of the Western Roman Empire, the people in the hinterlands had to be informed of the events whereas the people in Rome were already acutely aware.

For the young and able, again, leaving before things get hot is a reasonable, honorable, and intelligent option – if done reasonably, honorably, and intelligently. For those who remain, relocation may still become necessary, whether it’s to one of five new nations or one of fifty. Call it mobile flexibility.

When it happens, some of your (at least temporary) allies may not exactly share your identity, culture, or politics. Remember that.

Do not be afraid. Fear is unnatural and a tool of the devil. No, it’s not the same as mere apprehension. Fear is spiritual cancer that overtakes the mind and the body. Apprehension is the mind alerting the body to preserve the spirit in temporal, corporeal form. When confronted with a growling bear in a cave, the wise course of action is to take some action. The bear isn’t evil but it is dangerous. People have senses and adrenaline for a reason.

Learn as much as possible about as much as possible. Read.

Get in shape. Breathing, sleep, water, food, and activity. Find out the optimal weight for your particular height and try to maintain it. Obesity and starvation will make strange bedfellows in the coming years. Along with viral and bacteriological diseases, they will account for the majority of casualties. Walk or run, one’s as good as the other. Build strength and endurance. Learn to take and deliver a punch. If you cannot moderate them, then give up what one might consider vices. Do that now, not later. Do everything you can to break any dependency on any medication. (Yes, I know. Your situation is obviously different. See the default options above).

Weapons will be required. Of all kinds. Whatever turns out to be needed will somehow become available. Faith. When considering the concept of preemption, discern if a strike on an enemy that has been attacking for decades really counts as preemptive. The substance is more important than appearances and morality makes for moral high ground.

As bad as things might ever seem, there are very few types of people we are called upon and mandated to hate, violently oppose, or destroy. However, once encountered, they are to be hated, opposed, and destroyed with a damned vengeance.

Get as far away as humanly possible from evil, wicked people, fools, and those who simply cannot be instructed or reasoned with. The big four that I avoid are the wicked, the stupid, the mentally unstable, and the chronically intoxicated. Aside from telling it to go away or engaging to destroy it, evil should be avoided at all costs. God will deal with it in time. The other three are not necessarily wicked nor even bad, though they can readily serve or perpetuate evil. Call them “unproductive.” Be mindful to deal kindly with the simple and to, when possible, speak or act for the voiceless or the actionless. Under certain circumstances, one has the obligation to counsel, care for, or deal with one of the lesser three; one knows it when it happens. But, in general, do not waste valuable time attempting the impossible. Shake the dust, etc.

There’s a book about the life and times of a certain Carpenter-cum-Street Preacher. Read it. Just about everything I’m writing here can be found there, coupled with a universality of wisdom to encompass and surpass everyone from Aristotle to Sun Tzu. A fun exercise for those already in the know! Start with Proverbs and work your way out, backward and forwards. Lady Wisdom is in the public square waiting on you.

Dispense with all forms of modern idiocy and diversion. Political action in the remains of the United States is dead. And it was corrupted almost from the beginning. The law is in much the same shape. The US no longer has a legitimate government. The US no longer has a real economy. There is no money in the US. Stop obsessing about these things. What’s thrust forth in their stead are mere illusions. Use them only as absolutely necessary for survival. Otherwise, pay them as little attention as possible. Do not make idols of them and avoid those who do. 

Civic nationalism, conservatism, liberalism, libertarianism, false jingoistic patriotism, and enlightened philosophy were all deliberately set traps that have either succeeded or failed depending upon how they are viewed – either way, they are utterly useless. Almost every public institution in the remains of America is dead or dying, from the schools to the media. Almost everything coming out of our failed institutions is a lie, a hoax, a deception, or a scheme designed to enslave and murder. Turn it all off. Stop with mass distractions, television, social media, and the rest of it. It would be far better to be completely uneducated and ignorant than to be polluted by the mind-altering evils of the enemy.

It’s more than okay to say we have an enemy. We do. He and his lowly followers are dead serious. We should be as well.

Like Him or not, follow Him or not, believe in Him or not, Jesus Christ is Lord, He is in charge, He’s coming back, He is not a wimp, and He cannot lose. Pick a side. Let one’s final Tweet or whatever, before one deletes the account, be “#JesusChrist.” The mere thought of His Holy Name harms the enemy.

Become a “prepper.” Odds are, you already meet the basic definition. Odds are, you have a long way to go.

On the other side, try to rebuild the right way. That’s easier said than done or even than explained, the doing of which itself is difficult. In future columns, I’d like to explore some ideas that might work. These will, or may come off as alien to those living in these taxing times. We’ll work through it. 

To the greatest extent possible, carry on as if things were normal. Meet the girl. Get married. Stay married. Have many children. Raise them right. Be nice, so long as nice means righteous. Live free but cleanly.

I do not have all of the answers. Indeed, I don’t even understand all of the issues. Neither do you. Neither does anyone else. It’s really not important. Do beware of those who do promise all the answers. Be especially wary of the man who promises all the solutions to all the problems. 

Now, as I have run out of points and such for the time being, I hereby call it a wrap.

* It occurred to me that I have essentially written this column previously. And I tire of the same thing over and over. Here’s a binary classification: we have pretty much arrived at the point of having those who are with it and with us and the rest of them. However, for as long as I can, I’ll keep beating the drum.