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A Comprehensive Peace Plan?


Aleksandar Vucic looks like an affable fellow. My people in Belgrade tell me (warn me?) that while the man might not be a Schwabian globohomo agent of doom, he also might not be the great nationalist hero some outsiders think or imagine. Who, really, has ever heard of a politician out for himself, first and foremost?! Not me. Anyway, at the least he’s one of the few European leaders who is observably not against the free, sovereign nations. And he’s probably the first who correctly called our new world war what it is. 

Most of my television news-watching friends, including most of my retired military friends, are convinced Russia invaded Ukraine for no other reason than Vladimir Putin’s mad desire to recreate the USSR. Or the Russian Empire. Or because he hates freedom fries. Or something. I, honestly, don’t listen closely when most of these people talk. They’re convinced that Russia is losing or is just about to lose, despite the fact their very valid, very expert sources previously claimed Russia already lost. I asked them if they listened to or read any of Putin’s remarks, and they informed me Putin died of cancer six times. I recommended some books, only to be met with mostly-vacant, nearly-apprehensive stares. In their defense, most of these poor folks wore diapers on their faces and accepted DNA-altering poison in their veins because the same very valid, very expert experts on the TeeVee suggested as much. Experience has taught me to let such matters rest.

Back in the real world, Vucic echoed a rumor about Putin’s strategy regarding NATO and NATO’s war of aggression against Russia. It’s all a rumor at this point, as neither Putin, Medvedev, Lavrov, or the MOD have said anything concrete. But the notion is that once Russia has sufficiently secured, pacified, demilitarized, and de-Nazified the Donbass – and that will be accomplished very soon – Team Putin will extend a treaty or peace plan. I suspect it will be aimed at NATO, rather than at NATO’s little puppet in Kiev. It will concern far more than Ukraine. How much more is anyone’s guess. Mine is that it will be primarily geared towards the European nations currently acting as fiefdoms of Washington. Some speculate that the SMO was just an initial phase to liberate Europe (and eventually, the entire fallen West) from itself.

Ukraine will be included, of course. The DPR, the LPR, Crimea, the land-bridge, and a little more territory are Russian and they will remain Russian. That’s not negotiable. What happens to the rest of Ukraine might be, though the negotiations will have to end on Moscow-friendly terms. Further, the sanctions, the eastward push, and thirty years of hateful neocon dreams of forcibly Balkanizing Russia into miserable slavery and exploitation must end. 

For what it’s worth, I’d also love to see a little justice for years of other wars of aggression, war crimes, pandemic hoaxes, biowarfare, and associated psyops. I assume Russia will be happy just being left alone. I suspect they would settle for a genuine reset with the Combined West, along honest terms and lines. However, if I understand things correctly, they are really, really tired of the degenerate wickedness that the people in the US, France, Germany, et al, have stupidly allowed to conquer and pervade. 

Whatever the terms are, they will almost certainly be rejected. Then, as Vucic said, “all hell will break loose.” Rumor has it, again, that whatever offer Moscow makes will likely be the final offer. If or when it is rejected, then the party starts in a global conflict. 

The offer will probably be Europe’s one chance to break away from US hegemony and rejoin the sane world. There will probably be something offered to the US, but whatever controls Brandon simply won’t be able to accept it. Things will get interesting if a few Euros do break away, hastening the inevitable demise of the EU. For the most part, I think Europe will reject any deal. Then, they will pay. They already are, of course, along with the rest of the West, but the next steps will be different. Until now, Europe’s food, fuel, energy, and general economic problems have been self-inflicted, the products of their childish, failed sanctions and poor decisions. Russia, for her part, has done almost nothing in retaliation. Look for that to change, up to and including a total break. Russia has plenty of other buyers for its copious goods, and if the idiots in Brussels and London want to starve and freeze, they will.

There’s also the possibility of more military action. Ukraine can be completely subdued. It will be, if that becomes necessary. Other regional adjustments might be in order as well. I still don’t think NATO will go to full war, largely because it can’t. Time will tell.

Then, there’s the global part of the global conflict. Look for the opening of new fronts away from Europe.  China is the odds-on favorite to kick off stage two, which might or might not involve Taiwan. There’s also Iran. The Middle East is, as usual, a bubbling hotbed. Look for unexpected developments in unexpected places. There are all the new, potential members of BRICS(+), a club that will continue to grow. There’s the great bifurcation, the Gold-Petro-Ruble, and the growth of MIR-CIPS as an alternative to (or replacement of) SWIFT.

What does any of this mean for the average American? I’m not sure, though I expect the exciting Midterms will cure absolutely everything, as elections always do! Or, more realistically, I could see anything from $15 a gallon gas to substantial nuclear devastation. I find the former far more plausible than the latter, if that helps soothe any nerves. The sad fact is that none of the outcomes are up to the average American. It turns out that surrendering your nation to hostile foreigners, hysterical women, degenerates, and devil-worshippers was not, in fact, a good idea. In the end, survivors in the potential new rump states may have the chance to join the sovereign nations as this century progresses. Again, time will tell, and we will see. Getting there, things will assuredly be a little … rough. 

If or when the offer or plan is presented, read it. Read IT, not what is said about it. Whatever happens, trust that the liars will continue to lie, obfuscate, and project. Sadly, many people will continue to believe them. Someday, if a majority of people ever turn off the plug-in drug and realize what a complete load of manure they’ve been fed, all their lives and about everything, then things might change. Then, we might really have comprehensive peace.