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What do you know? The ancient Western Christian way turns out to be the right way and the only way to perpetuate normal civil society.

More experience with different partners is linked to worse marriages in her research. Having a history with other cohabiting partners may make you discount the value of your spouse. Sure, your husband, John, is dependable and a great father, but not nearly as charming as Luke or as ambitious as Charles, the two other men you lived with before marrying John. Making comparisons like these could undercut your marriage, in Rhoades’ estimation.

The conventional wisdom holds that spending your twenties focusing on education, work and fun, and then marrying around 30 is the best path to maximize your odds of forging a strong and stable family life. But the research tells a different story, at least for religious couples. Saving cohabitation for marriage, and endowing your relationship with sacred significance, seems to maximize your odds of being stably and happily married.

Waiting to move in together until after the wedding has made everything “so exciting,” says Samantha, “because since we did wait then it makes marriage that much sweeter.”

What the “conventional wisdom” really is, is satanism. What it pushes in place of “education, work, and fun” is indoctrination/enstupidation/grooming, slavery, and soul-killing degeneracy. There is a reason why Western families, societies, and nations were so relatively, on-the-whole stable for so long, and why they flew apart so fast. If you are young, break free of post-modern evil and embrace the tried and true ways that built and facilitated civilization. Learn the truth. Work for the good and the beautiful of God. Get married, ASAP. Have (many) children, ASAP. It is the genuinely sweeter way. Do not ever listen to anyone who pushes the artificial candy-flavored poison of luciferian globalist wickedness.