Interesting Times


*The following is not so much a “column” as an excuse. Many things progress behind the scenes. Stay tuned.

Sometimes it is difficult to notice the painfully obvious. It took a recent visit to a large discount retail store before I realized something about the state of national affairs. As such, I can’t really be too hard on the mainstream folks who can’t or won’t see reality all around them. I don’t have to. Reality itself will eventually hit far harder than any single man ever could.

I was going to write something about how everyone is all excited about the very exciting midterms this fall. Exciting! Pointless. Instead, I’ll leave you with this recent post, and this column from 2019. The election? If there is one – a larger “if” than most imagine – then, by all means, get as excited about the big terminal nothing as you want. 

Fiction is calling and I have some major reorganization and drafting to tackle.

More soon, maybe even later this week.