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The Great Cleansing

The Great Cleansing has been under way since 24 February 2022. Many internal traitors in Russia soon fled – one of the first was the notorious economist and privatiser Anatoly Chubais. Millions of other traitors also soon fled from the Ukraine westwards, much to Russian satisfaction. Russia will not welcome so many of them back. Only those who left from mistaken or brainwashed panic, or because they did not want to be enlisted in the suicidal Kiev Army, will return. Let the others stay in Poland and elsewhere, living off Western ideological stupidity and humanist naivety. Other internal traitors who infiltrated positions of responsibility over the last 30 years have also been removed in Russia, as they have been found out. We know some of their names. There are still a few left to clear out. The Great Cleansing is here. Dewesternisation is being delivered.

Consider the “greater cleansing.” I think what the author (and Robert Bartlett) mean by the modern concept of “Western” is the corrupted, Enlightenment replacement of the true Christian West. Three years ago I wrote a column called Only A Dictator Can Save America. The past three years have kind of backed me up on the notion. So far as I can see, we do not have a Putin in the US. Any American Putin wouldn’t have the base to work with that Russia’s leader did and does. In 1917, Russia was Russian and the US was American. In 1945, Russia was Russian and the US was American. In 1991, Russia was Russian and the US was in serious demographic, cultural, and political trouble. In 2000, Russia was Russian and the US was rapidly ceasing to be American in any genuine sense. Today, Russia is Russian and the US has ceased being observably American. Maybe a dictator can save a rump state? Western Europe, despite its stupidity, arrogance, and lapsed morality, will have an easier time de-Europeanizing so as to return to Europeanization. Our greater cleansing in the US of no-longer-A will, if it happens at all, require deeper, harder scrubbing.